LOGICDATA’s groundbreaking new product is here to (r)evolutionize adjustable bed technology.
Innovation, functionality and style. All in one.


Compared to conventional bases which spread technology among the entire base area, ELEmatic fits into 10 % of that same area by technology integration in the side rails. This makes it a revolutionary innovation.


Logicdata elematic kinematic modul

LOGICDATA’s latest innovation is a break-through in the category of adjustable bases. ELEmatic is a fully integrated kinematic module. It allows for the unification of technology and superior comfort with its design hiding all technology inside the adjustable base, leaving a lot of space underneath the platform. No control units, no actuators and no cables are visible around a base with ELEmatic technology.

Years of sophisticated development have resulted in this one-of-a-kind product which gives the ability to enfold the necessary electronic components in a unique alignment with any base, allowing for efficient and minimal waste of space and weight.
ELEmatic incorporates innovation and style.

Logicdata elematic


ELEmatic is the motion-giving core in an adjustable base.
LOGICDATA has not only created this revolutionary piece of technology but also developed a reference design base in order to perfect the ELEmatic system. The reference design was improved alongside ELEmatic to guarantee an ideal fit into adjustable bed side rails as well as optimizing it regarding size, weight and modularity. It’s the perfect fusion of design and innovative technology.

Achieved through a modularity-based model, the assembly of the reference design takes less than 30 minutes by a single person. Disassembly is just as simple, making it a convenient piece of furniture to transport when moving rooms or houses.


ELEmatic delivers motion for adjustable bases. Up and down movement of head and foot sections while functioning at a very low noise level is ELEmatic’s primary motion. Additionally, ELEmatic comes with one of the most efficient wall keeping mechanisms on the market.

Whether that is in LOGICDATA’s reference design or your own brand’s design in no way impacts ELEmatic’s functionality. It provides freedom in movement and position control while the reference design’s four platform elements allow for a perfect fit to any body shape and position.

Logicdata elematic technology


ELEmatic and the reference design were created to the principle of simplicity. This is reflected especially in design and usage.

ELEmatic acts on easy and effortless operation. The intuitive user interface of the wireless remote control allows for immediate usage of pre-programmed positions like zero gravity or anti-snore as well as individual positions programmed by the user. ELEmatic will also be operable via a smart device application in the future.


Our slim ELEmatic module is perfectly made to be integrated in sleek aluminum or steel profiles. The unique design of the ELEmatic module in combination with the optimized use of high quality and light materials enables weight- and cost-optimized base designs.

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Packaging & shipping

The integration of the ELEmatic modules in the sides allows for new ways of packaging. The side rails including ELEmatic would go in a first box, the platform elements and the cross-connecting bars in a second box.Together with a modularity-based supply model, transportation becomes much easier and warehouse space is used more efficiently compared to standard adjustable bases.

Logicdata elematic CUSTOMIZATION


LOGICDATA shows a variety of possibilities for the customization of its reference design base. It’s easy to realize all the different standard bed sizes which make it compatible with all common size mattresses on the market. Customers do have the freedom to offer a selection of hand-picked covers for the base, ranging from modern and high-shine state-of-the-art surfaces to traditional warm wooden options.

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