COSMO Toronto

Bright Lights of Toronto

The COSMO Toronto is the perfect middle ground between the practicality of the entry-level COSMO Sydney and the full-featured COSMO Vienna. This makes the adjustable particularly well-suited to young couples looking to nest with their little ones, and a wonderful addition to any family home.The frame is built on a similar design framework to the COSMO Sydney, with an expanded set of features that set it apart. Additional features and functionality – including and under-bed light, USB ports and connection to our dedicated sleep control app – make this model the perfect way to experience more adjustability for less.


The COSMO Toronto is a frame that comes boxed snugly into a single package – from Twin and Queen to King Size models! With a packaging up to 75% smaller than competitor bases easy handling and stress-free shipping with UPS or FedEx are guaranteed. 


Ditch the Remote, keep the Control. The COSMO Toronto enters new levels of comfort with its wireless connection to our app


Never lose your way at night. The LED under bed light is one feature that makes the COSMO Toronto more inclusive, more satisfying cohesion between practicality, functionality and price. 


Stay in touch with your smart device, even when it’s charging. With the additional functionality of USB ports, the COSMO Toronto supports your comfort while maintaining the avantgarde design principles that made you fall in love with it in the first place. 

Features & Functionality



In the bedroom, the COSMO Toronto can be whatever you want it to be. With extensive customization options, which allow you to define anything from the style and layout of the platforms to the logo on the remote control, we make sure that this remarkable product meets all your expectations. Minimum Order Quantities may apply.

TIP. TAP. Zzz.

The perfect position, straight from your phone.

The COSMO Toronto can be controlled effortlessly via a specially-developed app, providing full motion control alongside a range of exciting bonus features. With preset memory positions, night mode, and customer support options, you won’t even have to get out of bed.



Compatible with both dropshipping and container shipping supply chain models, the COSMO Toronto is the perfect product for e-commerce. LOGICDATA can ship directly to your customers, saving you the effort and expense of organizing storage and delivery yourself. Alternatively, we can container ship to your warehouse: the COSMO Toronto fits snugly into a single package: a market-leading product without the squeeze.


Full control, no cables. Our subtle, easy-to-use Wireless Remote Control allows your customers to move to our specially developed ergonomic memory positions or save their own for maximum comfort.



LOGICDATA subjects all products in the COSMO Line to a series of extensive safety and quality tests in order to ensure extra peace of mind for retailers and their customers.

Thanks to a Child Lock, Free-fall design, and an Emergency Lowering function, we make sure that owning a COSMO Toronto is a stress-free, safe, and enjoyable experience. To ensure stability, we’ve designed the base to function perfectly with up to 700lbs of load.


When buying a new adjustable, the best user experience is the one that takes you from box to bed as quickly and effortlessly as possible. That’s why we’ve designed the COSMO Toronto to feature “no flip” assembly. Where competitor products require reverse mounting of components followed by the overturning of a heavy, fully-assembled frame (sometimes over 100 lbs), COSMO Line bases are so easy to assemble, one person can do it alone.



Head up + Foot up

Wireless Remote Control with Child Lock

Anti-Snore & Zero-Gravity

LED Underbed light

USB ports

App control

Platform friendly Zero-Clearance Design

700 lbs weight limit

Free-fall design

Emergency lowering

Hidden cables and motors

Sync mode for Split King

UPS/FedEx shippable

Dropshipment (without MOQ)

Ready to Assemble in 10 minutes without tools

10 year limited warranty

Available sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King (other sizes on request)



I’d like a bed that will help my company stand out in the market. What customization options are available?

Lots. At LOGICDATA, we know that our partners each have unique requirements for how their adjustable base should look, feel, and perform.

For this reason, we offer our partners a “Private Label Program”. This allows vendors to create a product made-to-measure for their brand. Customization options include aesthetic changes to the base itself (e.g. platform style and material, leg design, etc.), as well as branding solutions for packaging, remote controls, and technical documentation.

Please note that the extent of the modifications may affect your minimum order quantity. Contact LOGICDATA for further details.

You say the COSMO Toronto can be shipped via UPS/FedEx Ground with no oversize charges. How does this work?

Simple. Our packaging concept means that each adjustable base can be condensed a single, easy-to-handle box. The box isn’t big enough or heavy enough to incur oversize charges from major couriers such as FedEx and UPS, which dramatically reduces outlay for distribution and leads to an attractive cost-per-unit proposition.

My company specializes in e-commerce. Which shipping options are available?

LOGICDATA offers both Container Shipping and Drop Shipping options to partners who select the COSMO Toronto.

Due to the compactness of the base’s packaging, the COSMO Toronto occupies very little warehouse space, saving your company up to 75% the storage costs associated will bulkier adjustable beds. This concept also ensures that the cost of shipping the bases to your warehouse is significantly reduced.

LOGICDATA can dropship the COSMO Toronto directly to your customer’s doorstep via UPS or FedEx Ground without oversize charges. Alternatively, we’ll deliver your beds by pallet, or trailer, allowing you to take full advantage of our compact packaging system.

How can I be sure about safety?

Ask our customers. With more than two decades’ experience in adjustable furniture design, LOGICDATA is renowned worldwide for its commitment to safety and performance.

All adjustable bases are compliant with important US consumer-protection regulations such as the FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B/C, California Proposition 65, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

I’d like to try the bed. How can I see it?

Just ask us. Although LOGICDATA doesn’t have any stores or showrooms of its own, we’re always happy to meet new friends and partners at trade fairs and expos, including the Las Vegas Market. Contact LOGICDATA to make an appointment.

What other services for retailers can LOGICDATA provide?

In addition to the dropshipping program, LOGICDATA will happily manage customer support, returns, and exchanges. Contact a LOGICDATA representative to discuss your preferred solution.