LOGICDATA´s Interzum 2023 Preview

Adjusted to the Future

We’re back! The LOGICDATA team is putting the finishing touches on our exhibition at the Koelnmesse, and we’re ready for our first visit to Interzum in four long years. Since the last show in 2019… the world has changed. Pandemics and economic uncertainty mean that whatever you do, you’ll need perfect partners to keep moving forward.

The best way to move forward? Visit the joint LOGICDATA-JIECANG exhibition at this year’s event. Our motto: Adjusted to the Future. Our showroom: Filled with products, services, and an entire business model that is future-proofed for every challenge ahead.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect from LOGICDATA and JIECANG at Interzum 2023. If you’re going to the show, you can visit LOGICDATA and JIECANG in Hall 7 – A060/B061!

A Joint Exhibition: LOGICDATA and JIECANG at Interzum 2023

Since teaming up with JIECANG in 2021, we’ve worked hard to develop a future-proof partnership that can help customers overcome the challenges of now and the future. At Interzum you’ll learn how our innovation – and its value in problem solving – can work for you too.

We’ll demonstrate how LOGICDATA’s premium technology combines with the rapid-response customization potential of JIECANG to create the perfect package: from R&D, all along the supply chain, to the hands of end users.

However, it’s so much more than just products. Combined with our service packages, we’re proud to present a whole new approach to the market for ergonomic furniture. Not just adjustable – Adjusted to the Future.

What’s New from LOGICDATA at Interzum 2023?

In the four years since the last Interzum, we’ve applied laser-focus to what we do best: creating epic adjustable products with premium technology inside. With brushless motor technology and easy-to-assemble, full-frame designs – you won’t be disappointed at Interzum 2023.

We’ve got new linear motion products, new technology and new services for OEMs and B2C retailers – at this year’s Interzum, you’ll get to see them all.

OPTIMUS Program – Adjusted to OEMs

If you’re an OEM, ask yourself this: Why settle for generic products that are square pegs in the round holes of your range? Why not have full customization, full flexibility, and full control instead? With the LOGICDATA OPTIMUS Program – and epic products like the OPTIMUS Frame – you can have it all.

We’ll be displaying the OPTIMUS Frame at Interzum, but it’s not just a height-adjustable table. It can be whatever you want it to be. Choose between two-leg, three-leg, and benching applications. Choose the perfect LOGICleg design and foot style, in standard or custom colors. Choose the perfect hand control. Get it powered by LOGICDATA’s premium inline drive technology. Better yet, there’s Plug & Play modularity for every LOGICleg and every electronic component, with hidden cabling and electronics for that subtle, high-class finish.

However, there’s much more to the OPTIMUS Program than just the technology. As Product Manager Fabian Schneeberger explains, this innovation can change the way that OEMs think about creating new products.

The benefits of the OPTIMUS Program for OEMs are endless. Our product modularity and flexibility in logistics enable you to choose between bulk packaging for maximum efficiency, or a pre-assembled, eCommerce-friendly option for unbeatable convenience. Whichever you choose: it has never been easier to bring motion to your business.

LOGICflex – Frames Adjusted to eCommerce

On the competitive B2C market, providing exceptional quality and convenience for end users is non-negotiable, which is why retailers everywhere are turning to the LOGICflex range for their next big release. At Interzum 2023, you’ll get to meet them too.

The LOGICflex F and LOGICflex X are equally practical for office and home office environments – and even special uses like gaming. Pre-assembly of table components means a stress-free experience for end customers, while eCommerce-ready shipping means that the product is well-suited to the modern business environment.

Marc Strohmeier, Program Manager at LOGICDATA, explains the value of our premium, ready-to-order products:

It’s just awesome technology and design, straight off the shelf. However, there’s plenty that can still be customized – even with a ready-perfected product. If you’re at Interzum, ask the LOGICDATA team about colors, branding, and personalized packaging!

A New Drive System – Meet the Premium Technology Inside

Although there will be huge focus on the “full package” that both LOGICDATA and JIECANG can provide, it’s also a big opportunity to exhibit the technology that sets our products in motion. Front and center: our new drive technology, a modular spindle kit for drive systems.

The flexibility of this new technology helps both OEMs and retailers Adjust to the Future with us. With two clear paths to creating epic adjustable systems – DCDinline or DMDinline – we offer unrivalled flexibility in performance, functionality, and price.

The cost-effective DCDinline range is powered by LOGICDATA’s control box systems, while our DMDinline Drives – with DYNAMIC MOTION system technology – features integrated control units for an expanded feature set, including a customizable speed/load dynamic. Alongside a faster speed of 60 mm/s, both versions feature an integrated mechanical brake system, as well as improved electronic and software safety measures.

Despite the many developments, Head of Product Management Thomas Loibner is sure that customers will recognize the unique LOGICDATA approach to development.

Quality and flexibility come as standard – it’s what sets LOGICDATA apart. Our new drive system is a futureproof design that sets the standard on the linear motion market.

What’s New from JIECANG at Interzum 2023?

Of course, we aren’t alone in presenting new products at Interzum. The JIECANG product range reflects the qualities that make our Chinese partners a huge presence on the global market for adjustable technology: smart, price-effective and endlessly adaptable to the needs of customers.

JIECANG’s legendary customization service dovetails with the premium technology in the LOGICDATA collection. With extremely fast turnarounds when creating brand-new variants for customers, you can provide endless choice and incredible service to your own clients when you purchase from JIECANG.

As part of our unique cooperation with JIECANG, the LOGICDATA team is proud to offer these incredible products to LOGICDATA customers too: helping you reap the benefits of our productive partnership. Don’t hesitate to contact your LOGICDATA Key Account Manager for more details on JIECANG’s technology and rapid-response customization.

Here’s why the JIECANG area is an absolute must-see at this year’s show:

  • Speed and strength. At an incredible 80mm/sec, JIECANG can claim the fastest-adjusting desk frame at the show. Blink and you’ll miss it! With a lifting capability of a whopping 120kg, there’s substance to match the style as well.
  • You’re in control. Massive developments to a new generation of handset technology means that speed can now be controlled straight from the control unit. With child-lock functionality and much more, the JIECANG collection is Adjusted to the Future.
  • Looking good. JIECANG’s range of adjustable desks is looking better than ever. In addition to an innovative hidden wiring concept, which lends a clean, modern look to the frames, there are new generations of the Odette, FlipMe, HoneyComb and GamingDesk models.
  • See the magic. Ever wanted to see the nuts and bolts of JIECANG’s innovative linear motion technology? Thanks to a display of tube cross sections at Interzum… now you can!

Sleep Easy – Adjustable Bed Frames

With so much focus on innovative ways of working, it can be easy to forget that we all need to sleep sometimes too. Fortunately, the golden partnership between LOGICDATA and JIECANG means that this important part of the adjustable furniture market is covered too.

At Interzum, LOGICDATA will present a model from its COSMO Line of adjustable bed bases –the best-selling COSMO Sydney – a European design targeted at the premium sector of the market, while JIECANG’s excellent DREAMOTION range – which you can also see at Interzum – dovetails to provide a price-effective entry to the bedroom market.

The result? Sleep that’s Adjusted to the Future too.

Join Us at Interzum!

Hopefully, you’re now even more excited than ever for what is sure to be a memorable Interzum 2023. Keep an eye out for even more sneak previews before the show begins, and mark May 9-11 in your calendars – we’ll be waiting for you in Cologne.

Ready to Adjust to the Future and with LOGICDATA and JIECANG? Make sure you have your ticket to start your journey to innovative problem solving at Interzum 2023. Meet us at Koelnmesse, Hall 7 – A060/B061.