By Jacquelyn Caprathe, Business Development Manager BU LOGIC OFFICE, North America


As traditional employee benefits continue to dwindle, more companies are turning to enhanced wellness offerings to fill these gaps and engage employees. Not all businesses are promoting rooftop “goat yoga” or dispatching carts with antioxidant smoothies for mid-morning break, but it’s not uncommon to find regular chair massages, discounted health club memberships, walking challenges and more offered as mainstream wellness benefits.


As this trend continues to evolve, companies are looking to digital platforms to offer a more customized approach to wellness and to help level the playing field to encourage employee participation. Take for example, the corporate “steps challenge” where employees track their steps individually through an app as companies compete for a top spot on the leader board. Participation is accessible to all employees whether you’re an avid runner or someone who simply walks to get from point A to point B.


Digital platforms also lend themselves to customization of personal work space, a wellness benefit gaining in popularity as evidenced by the influx of adjustable office furniture. Here, cutting-edge technology combines personal preference and specific ergonomic needs to set the stage for optimal work performance.


The long-term benefits of wellness are mutually beneficial for employer and employee, and run deeper than just physical health, impacting everything from productivity to work culture to costs. According to a recent report from Harvard Business School, researchers correlate every dollar invested in wellness programs to significant drops in both medical and absenteeism costs, yielding an ROI of nearly 6:1*.
This shift toward wellness benefits in the workplace are establishing a new norm for how companies invest in their biggest asset: their employees.



As wellness continues to blur the line between employees’ home and work lives, LOGICDATA’s new Motion@Work app is poised to help employees with meaningful customization of their personal work environment.

Motion@Work, which will make its debut at NeoCon 2018, is specifically designed to complement LOGIClink, a component that serves as the control center for personal office connectivity. Bluetooth technology allows for recognition of personal settings for height-adjustable work surfaces, allowing employees to take advantage of these intrinsic ergonomic benefits.

The app further enhances this customization by providing real-time feedback and ergonomic advice tied to an analysis of daily movements, allowing employees to “set it and forget it” and get to work.

App features include:

  • Measure standing time
  • Measure sitting time
  • Provide ergonomic advice based on stand/sit times
  • Adjust sit-to-stand workstations
  • Daily and weekly graphs to capture usage, measure overall goals and progress
  • Monthly and annual analytics for tracking and goal setting

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