ISP. Because Accidents Happen.


When they do, there’s ISP.

Intelligent System Protection (ISP) is a range of solutions that minimizes the risk of costly collisions between your height-adjustable table and its surroundings. This effort is vital to improving the adjustable experience for the person we care about most: you.

With ISP, LOGICDATA puts protection on the table. The patented technologies in our integrated and external solutions are the cornerstones of world-class collision detection systems with adjustable sensitivity, a range of customization concepts, and freedom of design that perfectly suits your needs.


We Put Protection on the Table

Every workspace is different. The rapid development of office ergonomics means that it’s highly likely that the next desk you sit at will be an adjustable one. Yet movement comes with risks: You might not see, you might not know, or you might not have time to look.

The solution? Let the desk see for you. ISP recognizes even the slightest obstruction, which in turn stops the table from moving further towards the hazard. Better still, our “drive back” function reverses the table a short distance after the collision is detected, giving you time and space to remove the obstacle. You enjoy the motion. We’ve got your back.



ISP - Software-based

Software-based Solutions

We take care of business. The intelligent software inside every LOGICDATA system uses known variables to recognize collisions, ensuring baseline protection with every system we sell. Sensitivity can be customized and adapted to the unique needs of your product, giving you the freedom and flexibility to create a table that’s perfect for you.

ISP External Sensor

External Sensors

Small, but powerful. We’ve worked wonders to condense our complex strain gauge technology into the LOG-PRT-DMS: a device no bigger than a  box of matches, easily mounted to any tabletop or frame. To cater for our extensive range of current and future products, we’ve made the sensor compatible with both Control Boxes and the DYNAMIC MOTION system*.

* Specified actuators only

ISP - Integrated Sensor

Integrated Sensor Solutions

Cutting-edge technology needn’t be a risk. Our growing range of modern control boxes and intelligent actuator systems feature integrated sensor technology, using both strain gauge and photosensitive detection concepts. These advancements facilitate superb system protection as standard for a vast portfolio of products. No need for extra parts, no need for complex assembly procedures.

Better for Business

Stop the crash. Save the cash. An ISP system from LOGICDATA is a small investment that could result in big savings in potential damage reduction. All our ISP solutions can be customized to fit both functional and design requirements. The effectiveness, variety, and compatibility of our ISP models are game-changing: cost-effective collision detection concepts that no modern workplace can do without.


Connect. Detect. Protect.


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