Adjusted for

Let´s Work Together.

OEM or B2C retailer? Want to work with us to grow your range with products that have our premium technology inside? Then join LOGICDATA and JIECANG at NeoCon 2023!

In our joint showroom, you’ll see how LOGICDATA’s unique portfolio combines with the rapid-response manufacturing of JIECANG. Two product ranges, in one place, with one goal: helping you solve the problems of the future – again and again.

Building the next generation of adjustable desks? Do it with the OPTIMUS Frame – exclusive to OEMS. Full customization, full flexibility.

Want the finished product? Learn how the LOGICflex range is changing the furniture market with eCommerce friendly design and logistics.

Still curious? Meet the DCDinline and DMDinline drives to and get inspired to create your dream adjustable product.

It’s all at NeoCon 2023. Join us on the 11th floor, Suite 1193, and get your business Adjusted for Excellence.