DMIclassic B

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Classic. With the revamped DMIclassic B Hand Control, LOGICDATA empowers customers to access the extensive functionality of the DYNAMIC MOTION system at an ultra-value price point. Our subtle styling adjustments to the time-honored design, enjoyed by millions of users around the world today, ensure that your DYNAMIC MOTION system experience is a symphony of unrivaled ergonomic prowess: delivering smoothness, responsiveness, and simplicity every inch of the way.



Fully-customizable Hand Control

Ergonomic design with outstanding look and feel

Soft Touch

Responsive Up/ Down Function

Compact under-desk mounting

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DMItouch B
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DMDinline D
DMDinline S
DMPhub S
DMPhub M

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For more information download the DMIclassic B datasheet.

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For more information download the DMIclassic B user manual.

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