Guilty as Charged.



Game Changer. At LOGICDATA, we don’t just believe that tables should move up and down: total mobility and freedom within the office is a vital part of what our partners need and demand. Enter the LOGICcell Battery Pack, a revolutionary concept that empowers users to experience the power of a LOGICDATA adjustable system wherever they are: no cables, no problem.

Simplicity is paramount to mobility. Yet with a Docking Bay allowing stress free installation, a simplified USB charging concept, and interfaces to a variety of other LOGIC OFFICE products, it’s never been easier to put your world in motion.

LOGICcell_incl_docking bay




Compatibility with various LOGIC OFFICE products

Docking bay for easy mounting and exchange

Status indication via LEDs and buzzer








Micro USB charger

Premium Li-On Cell

Manufactured in Europe

Fully charged in 8 hours

Charging only once per month


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For more information download the LOGICcell datasheet.


For more information download the LOGICcell user guide.

The following chargers have been approved by LOGICDATA for use alongside the LOGICcell. If you wish to use a different charger, please contact LOGICDATA:


For more information download the LOGICcell Transportation Notes.

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