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SILVERsensor by LOGICDATA is an intelligent sleep tracker that provides accurate sleep quality analysis directly to your smartphone. Information on heartbeat, respiration, rapid eye movement, and much more is collected and sent to the dedicated SILVERsensor app: a unique opportunity to improve the quality of your sleep. Compatible with the entire SILVER Series range of adjustable bases, the SILVERsensor boasts a range of user-friendly features, including over-the-air updates and a practical underbed light.


SILVERsensor Features



Information on heartbeat, respiration, heavy sleep, and REM sleep throughout the night

“Sleep Diary” providing at-a-glance statistics on sleep quality over a specified timeframe

Bluetooth connection to the SILVERsensor App

Over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi

Compatibility with all SILVER Series adjustable bases

Underbed light



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More Information


For more information download the SILVERsensor datasheet.



For more information download the SILVERsensor user guide.


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