Electronic & Software Product Development

As developers, we feel proud of our jointly developed innovative products. Our field of activity refers to the entire process of conceptualizing ideas, designing software and electronic circuits involving active and passive components and the testing of our developed products. We meet the challenges of the future in legal EMC, sophisticated performance requirements and high demand of quality to excite our customers. Tapping the maximum potential and finding smart solutions for tricky tasks by using cutting-edge technology make up vital factors in this department.

Mechanical Product Development

Pursuing excellence means continuous product development and improvement. Mechanical Product Development partially starts from an idea all the way to the Production Part Approval. The exciting process of finding new solutions for varying challenges requires restless minds to construct in CAD, design components, try them out and build them in, tests and simulations. Holding a finished component in your hands after a long time of development is a most rewarding experience.

Project Management

A project may start with one simple idea on a piece of paper and might result in a serial product that is produced a million times! Making thoughts and innovations a reality is what Project Management is about. The most important thing is to communicate all the time and coordinate the colleagues, so the project team can bring forth the best solution. Every day brings the unexpected. Therefore, one key for successful projects is to set them up in the most efficient way with a focus on quality, schedule and costs while the mind stays agile to adjust if necessary.

Product Engineering & Production Management

Product Engineering and Production Management involves managing all production-relevant topics and therefore being a sparring partner for other departments. Checking producibility, defining and improving production processes, developing production lines and test devices, creating necessary manufacturing documents and securing production capacities are some of the daily topics. This broad variety of tasks leads to frequent business trips and new and exciting challenges every day.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is an energetic team of highly motivated people. Tasks in the morning and in the afternoon can be entirely different every day. Fast reactions are a must when it comes to the daily business in this field, including processing of production orders, communicating with contract manufacturers and monitoring the material and product flow. It is the central interface in the order fulfillment process with the aim to excite our customers and to satisfy their needs.


Having the right quantity in the right place at the right time – this challenge is what drives the Purchasing team. Split in Serial and Strategic Purchasing, this department ensures the optimized supply for LOGICDATA by building a best-fitting supplier network, negotiating supplier conditions, forecast ordering and inventory control. The frequent contact with a diverse range of people, team play and the ability to actively influence the business success make Purchasing an exciting and ambitious area of responsibility.

Quality Management

Excellence is key at LOGICDATA. The Quality Management team ensures that excellence is constantly pursued in regards to system-, process- and product quality. Important activities for the Quality team are supporting advanced product quality planning during product and process development, verification of component quality, customer and supplier visits and organizing the complaint management process. While each day in Quality Management is full of diverse and unexpected challenges, long-term goals and visions back up this lively department.

IT & Systems

The IT Department is an essential part of LOGICDATA and responsible for operating the globally connected IT infrastructure of the entire LOGICDATA group.The IT provides access to optimally outfitted digital workspaces and supports LOGICDATA employees around the globe on technical problems, so they can focus on their own work instead of hassling with their equipment. Furthermore, the IT department is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of numerous systems in a datacenter, located at LOGICDATA headquarters, and various other business locations. The department is constantly engaged in the conception of mid and long-term strategies to ensure the company’s internal business processes are supported in the best possible way. Therefore, the IT department lays the foundation for all the work at LOGICDATA and contributes to the company’s success in a vital way.

Field Application Engineering

No day is the same in Field Application Engineering. Customers play a key role in both the Electronics and Mechanical field of this department which customizes products and software to customers’ needs. Daily communication, testing LOGICDATA’s products in the customers’ systems and supporting the Sales team with technical knowledge are main responsibilities in this field. What makes Field Application Engineering unique is the tangible outcome of work when an elaborated concept and solution ends up on the market.


Sales & Marketing

Marketing & Sales is about forming, maintaining and improving relationships – to the public and to our customers. Frequent customer contact and interaction as well as meeting people and going on business trips also trigger and support personal growth. Customer acquisition and building long-term relationships…

… strengthen our market position together with presenting a consistent identity on the market. Apart from customer and marketing management, the elaboration of strategies and shared visions with our customers makes up an exciting aspect of this area.

Product Management

Each product is different and unique – and so is the daily work life in Product Management. As an innovative business, LOGICDATA is continuously collecting new ideas and developing technology. Product Management is a major player in this creative process, generates and collects ideas and administers LOGICDATA’s entire product line. Conversations with all creative minds from our customers and within LOGICDATA as well as the creation of specifications make up primary tasks in this versatile area.


The Finance Department is LOGICDATA’s compass. This trustworthy position gives insight into where we stand, where we are going and which next steps need to be done. Apart from ongoing accounting and payroll accounting, reporting, cash management, calculation of business cases, preparation of financial statements and optimization of taxes and insurance play an important role in the daily Finance business. Maybe the most sensitive area of all, the Finance department is a field of precise, loyal and perseveringly-working people that supports and underpins LOGICDATA’s progress.

Management & Leadership

Leaders create an innovative and idea-fostering environment and atmosphere within their team, they organize and structure. The long-term aim is to transform resources effectively into results without losing the fun and purpose behind it. Leaders encourage team play, ensure growth and maturing of their team and give continuous orientation. Together we deliver peak performance, celebrate our success and make work meaningful. Giving purpose, living an example and determining direction are upon the main goals of this position.

Human Resources

Finding the right people for LOGICDATA and ensuring their growth is the HR’s team aim No. 1. Together with the team leaders, HR is building strong teams with great people that enjoy working together. Besides recruiting, onboarding and training of employees, the HR team plans various activities to strengthen the team spirit and represents LOGICDATA to the outside world. Interaction with a diverse range of personalities, creative ideas and improving the company culture make this department an exciting place to work.

Office Management

Office Management makes sure that everything is running smoothly. The main responsibility lies in representing LOGICDATA as the very first person that visitors encounter in our headquarters, as well as taking care of any concerns and requests the employees may have.  The coordination of company cars, office equipment, phone calls and booking flights and hotels count among the daily tasks in this position. Being flexible, communicative and able to find quick solutions for different situations are essential personality skills in this field of work.

Facility Management

Facility Management is an area of responsibility with great diversity. To ensure the maintenance and improvement of our working environment, the team is constantly on the move. Providing daily lunch, coordinating the cleaning and keeping the building in excellent shape count among the numerous tasks of the lively team, as well as taking care of the internal infrastructure, placing orders and cost-controlling. Internal and external communication goes hand in hand with the ability to act flexibly and fast.

Logicdata Internship-Thesis

Internships & Thesis

Internships at LOGICDATA are an exciting opportunity to implement and apply what you are learning at school or university and getting to know the company. You will be assigned with purposeful and responsible tasks and challenges that ensure you are gaining skills and knowledge along the way. As an intern you are a full-value member of the team and get to embrace the LOGICspirit.

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