LOGICleg - Legs to Grow

The LOGICleg family of lifting columns provides stability, style and seamless motion to a vast range of single-stage and dual-stage adjustable desk designs. Our collection provides countless options for thick-end-up and thick-end-down column structures, made to fit perfectly with the outstanding systems and single components by LOGICDATA.

Better yet, LOGICleg gives power to the customer through endless flexibility. Our columns are available in a range of shapes and color configurations.

Our Shapes


Our avant-garde, angular design fits anywhere.


A striking, modern look with a broader face.


Smooth curves to match a smooth drive.

Rounded-edge square

Our unique, rounded-edge style: a timeless classic.

Only the best bits

However you want to make the most out of our powerful motion technology, we can create the perfect package for your needs. Even if you’re looking to convert your 90° motor housing to accommodate our inline technology, our adaptable technology and flexible mindset means that everything is possible.



Why settle for ordinary? Allow LOGICDATA to bring even more style to your product portfolio by choosing from our attractive color palette of high-quality, powder-coated finishes. Still not enough? Even more colors and customization options are available on request.

Silver | Black | White | Custom Color


Safe. With Intelligent System Protection (ISP), LOGICDATA puts protection on the table. LOGICisp, which is available for both DYNAMIC MOTION and CONTROL BOX systems, is a range of solutions that minimizes the risk of costly collisions between your height-adjustable table and its surroundings.



Extraordinary made easy. With its Plug & Play connection concept, the DYNAMIC MOTION system ensures easy assembly and that costly assembly errors are avoided. Why do things the hard way?


Shaped to your requirements. Once you’ve got your perfect LOGICleg in mind, we’ll work tirelessly to tailor a product exactly to your requirements. From differently-shaped leg brackets, to custom sizes, to new designs for feet, our extensive in-house customization service means that we can always meet your needs.



Constant Speed

Ultra Quiet Operation

Hidden Gliders

LOGICisp for collision protection

Quick installation

High stability

Questions? Ask the experts.

Perfect Choices

Brushless Motor Technology

Peerless. The DYNAMIC MOTION system‘s brushless motor technology delivers phenomenal control, responsiveness, and efficiency; simultaneaously reducing component wearout and increasing lifetime durability. LOGICDATA brushless motors are among the quietest on the market today, facilitating smooth, soft transitions between sitting and standing positions. Our motors whisper. Our quality shouts.

DC Motor Technology

Classic. In our CONTROL BOX system, the DC motor technology is tried, tested and loved by millions of customers worldwide. These excellent drive systems combine reliable performance with a simplified configuration process and compatibility with LOGICDATA‘s extensive range of Control Boxes for adjustable desks. Reliable technology from a provider you trust – that‘s the LOGICDATA way.

Upside down

We provide thick-end-up columns in a variety of designs. Whichever look you choose, performance and quality are guaranteed.

Thick-end-down columns provide variety to your range of adjustable desks. Smooth motion with a unique aesthetic flair.

Travel range

The LOGICleg ranges provide customers with the flexibility to choose between single-stage and dual-stage applications. Whether you want the added stability of the single-stage design or the increased movement range that a dual-stage column enables, we‘ve got the design to take your desk to the top.


Single Stage Column

Dynamic Load: 700N per Actuator

Stroke: 500 mm | 19.69″

Constant Speed: 38mm/s | 1.5″/s(until full load)

Lifting range:
617,5 (+/- 3) mm to 1117,5 (+/- 3) mm | 24.31″ to 44″

Dual Stage Column

Dynamic Load:
up to 800 N per Actuator DMDinline
up to 600 N per Actuator DCDinline

Stroke: 660 mm | 25.98″

Constant Speed: 38mm/s (until full load)

Lifting range:
530 (+/- 3) mm to 1190 (+/- 3) mm | 20.87″ to 46.85″

More information


For more information download the LOGICleg – Dual Stage EU DCDinline datasheet.

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For more information download the LOGICleg – Inline Dual Stage EU DCDinline datasheet.

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