LOGICDATA’s one-stop-shop covers everything you need to provide a premium ergonomic experience to your customers. Whether you’re selling our complete adjustable products or integrating world-class components into your own designs, our technology is there to help you turn your vision into reality.

Our lifting frames, lifting columns, lifting components and adjustable bases represent the perfect blend of quality and flexibility. We use our strong R&D department, outstanding facilities, and decades-long experience to create highly customizable furnishings that are true to the LOGICDATA principles of stability, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

LOGICflex Family

Our LOGICflex range of electronically adjustable frames provides endless options for resellers looking for a complete adjustable product. With extensive customization potential – including leg design, width adjustment and color selection – in addition to premium ergonomic technology, the X, L. F and S variants can take your product range to new heights. Each frame in the range is specially optimized for e-commerce, with simple assembly, easy shipping options and much, much more.

Lifting Columns

The LOGICleg collection of height-adjustable lifting columns is designed to work seamlessly with our own inline drive systems for ergonomic furniture, allowing you to create unlimited configurations of adjustable desks. The smooth motion of the legs, which are available in both think-end-up and thick-end-down configurations, complements the outstanding technology of our DC and brushless motor systems. Choose between different leg shapes, colors and performance requirements to give your products the legs to grow.

Lifting Components

We’ve been in the business of creating world-leading components for adjustable furniture for over 20 years – and we just keep getting better at it. Our vast range of inline drives, control boxes, user interfaces, and accessories for ergonomic desk systems bring motion to the lives of customers all around the world. Our product portfolio includes both the DYNAMIC MOTION system of fully-integrated system components and individual components for smooth integration into new or existing designs.

Adjustable Bed Bases

LOGICDATA’s COSMO Line is a collection of high-quality adjustable bed bases that ensure full flexibility for users and retailers alike. We’ve put special focus into creating distinctive bedroom products that are easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to ship and easy to sell. With an e-commerce friendly feature set, drop shipping options and endless potential for customization, each base in the range makes retailers’ dreams come true – before they’ve even got into bed.