LOGICDATA’s ground-breaking new adjustable base is here to (r)evolutionize the bedroom.
Innovation, functionality and design. All in one.

LOGICDATA introduces the SILVER Series which reinvents adjustable bed Technology. The innovative new design hides
the technology responsible for adjusting the bed frame within a clean and flawless design. The modular frames are
ready-to-assemble and can be shipped easily to the customer’s doorstep with common parcel carrier. In addition,
the SILVER Series comes with a broad variety of customization possibilities to provide an individual design for
customers while maintaining the quality of our LOGICDATA technology.


At the heart of our SILVER series is the technology core called ELEmatic. This revolutionary design combines all mechanical and electronical components of the frame. Compared to conventional adjustable bases which require technology throughout the entire base, our SILVER Series base only needs a fraction of that area to house the technology – thanks to ELEmatic.

Years of intense research and development have resulted in this one-of-a-kind technology. SILVER Series bases feature the ELEmatic system, allowing for efficient design and minimal waste of space and weight. With this system, LOGICDATA incorporates innovation and style.

Logicdata elematic

The SILVERstandard

The SILVER Series by LOGICDATA will feature different models that vary in functionality and style. This year, LOGICDATA launches the SILVERstandard as first product of its SILVER Series.

Innovation, functionality and design. All in one.

The SILVERstandard by LOGICDATA was developed for the ELEmatic technology in order to introduce an adjustable base that will revolutionize the home furnishings industry.




Quick & intuitive

With the ready-to-assemble design, the assembly takes less than 30 minutes by a single person. Disassembly is just as simple, making it a convenient piece of furniture to transport when moving rooms or dwellings.

Remote Control


Easy & effortless

The SILVERstandard is designed to be simple. The wireless remote control’s intuitive interface allows for immediate usage of pre-programmed positions (zero-gravity, anti-snore, lay-flat) as well as individual positions programmed by the user.



Simple & convenient

The efficient design and intelligent technology allow for new ways of packaging. In just two boxes, the SILVERstandard can be delivered by UPS and FedEx Ground to the consumer’s doorstep. Together with a modularity-based supply model, transportation becomes much easier and warehouse space can be reduced by 35% when compared to standard adjustable bases.

Logicdata elematic CUSTOMIZATION


Smart & efficient

The SILVERstandard is designed to minimize efforts and costs for creating different bed sizes and variants. The core components stay the same for all bed sizes and variants, allowing for a simplified supply chain. The modular design also allows for a high level of customization – the core components again stay the same, just a few visible parts have to be adapted. In addition, the size of the frame can easily be changed, for example upgrading from a queen to king, without having to buy a whole new bed!


Reliable and Innovative

The SILVERstandard is a state-of-the art adjustable base. It provides freedom in movement and position control while the four platform elements allow for a comfortable fit to any body shape and position.

Head up + Foot up
allows users to elevate their head and legs to an endless number of positions

Wall keeping
one of the most efficient wall-keeping mechanisms on the market makes sure you always stay close to your nightstand and reading light

Enhanced user safety
the frame comes with free-fall design which reduces the risk of getting pinched and with a fabric barrier that reduces the risk of getting entrapped; furthermore the hidden technology makes it almost impossible to touch moving or electrical parts

Wireless remote control
experience the freedom of controlling your bed without being cable-bound

Flat position
easily move to full flat position with the touch of a button

Child lock feature
lock your remote control to preventunauthorized use of the frame

Pre-programmed position
the frame ships with the two most common positions: Zero-gravity alleviates pressure on your spine and heart, allowing for better blood flow throughout the body.
Anti-snore gently raises your head, opens up nasal airway passages and helps prevent snoring.

However, you can easily store any position you like by just using the dedicated buttons on the handset.

Bluetooth connection*
connect and control your frame with your smartphone

Wireless cascading*
connect two frames to move simultaneously


* Available mid 2018

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