One Vision.
One Provider.

One-Stop-Shop by LOGICDATA.

LOGICDATA embodies a sophisticated, holistic philosophy that meets the needs of partners and users through customized, made-to-measure inline adjustable solutions. Our “One-Stop-Shop”, is a modern, ambitious product range that includes lifting frames, lifting columns, and lifting components for adjustable desks, in addition to adjustable bases and so much more.

Our commitment to outstanding customer experience guarantees flawless product quality and innovative service offering at every step. However, our defining characteristic is Vision. Vision differentiates the “old” methods from the superior approach that LOGICDATA provides. Vision separates LOGICDATA from its competitors as the world-leading supplier of products, inline adjustable systems and services for adjustable furniture.


Adjustable Desk Systems

LOGICDATA combines decades of industry experience with unique, visionary design to create the market’s most exciting range of adjustable desk frames for the home and office. A masterful harmony of intelligent mechatronic technology and striking ergonomic design, these exceptional products represent the future of adjustable technology.

Adjustable Bed

The COSMO Line by LOGICDATA is a collection of outstanding adjustable bed frames that embody the cosmopolitan ideal. With these high-quality bedroom products, we provide the perfect frame, with the perfect features, at the perfect price: a wide-ranging portfolio that enables you to experience a modern, connected lifestyle; from sunrise to sunset.

Built for E-Commerce

Our dropshipping model delivers visionary adjustable technology directly to your customers: exceptional service for your customers, peace of mind for ours. Package optimization and shipping cost savings mean that our products are perfectly suited to the demands of the growing e-commerce sector. Our offering allows online retailers to focus on their customers without worrying about warehouse space, minimum order quantities, or logistics issues.


With world-class adjustable technology for the home and office, our expansive product range caters to the unique demands of both furniture manufacturers and eCommerce retailers worldwide. Whether you’re interested in selling our ready-made adjustable systems or looking to build your own bestseller with LOGICDATA technology, we’ve got the perfect product for you.


Made to measure. From single products to full systems, our outstanding mechatronic components help you get your next adjustable product off the ground.

Lifting Columns

Solid. Available in four shapes and three colors, the LOGICleg family provides the stability and style for manufacturers to create epic single- and dual-stage adjustable desk designs.

LOGICflex Family

Raise the threshold. The LOGICflex family – including one- to four-leg frames – is perfect for online and direct-to-customer retail. Our simple assembly and innovative logistics put your world in motion.

Adjustable Bed Bases

Life=Style. LOGICDATA creates stylish bases for adjustable beds that are primed for the needs of the vibrant e-commerce sector.