One Vision. One Provider.

LOGICDATA is so much more than a creator of world-class mechatronic systems and components. Our “One-Stop-Shop” offering exemplifies our commitment to a holistic package for furniture manufacturers, straight-to-customer retailers, and customers themselves. By offering market-leading solutions for both home and office furniture – split neatly into solutions for adjustable desks and adjustable bed bases – we ensure high-value, high-performance ergonomic products not just for every application, but for every step of the supply chain.


Elevation. Our components, systems, and full products for adjustable desk applications are known worldwide for their power, durability, and style. We’ve combined over two decades’ experience creating epic motion technology with a radical vision of the future for adjustable tables in the home, office, and home office. The result: an incredible, holistic collection that meets every customer’s needs. Each product we put our name to is defined innovation, quality and flexibility: adjustable in every sense to the requirements of your business.


Life=Style. Every product in the COSMO Line embodies the epic quality that makes us leaders in adjustable technology: no protruding parts, space for storage, anti-pinching functionality for pets and children, and much more. With endless flexibility, unrivalled stability, and cutting-edge technology – delivered in the industry’s smallest packaging with no oversize charges – each adjustable bed base represents a breakthrough in ergonomic design. With stylish, off-the-shelf products, alongside unlimited customization options for full frames and mechatronic components, we make sure that all your bases are covered.