5 Things We Love About Las Vegas Market

August 7th, 2018

By Dexter Weber, Marketing Manager LOGICDATA North America

For five days in the heart of summer, we were nestled among more than 4,000 home furnishings exhibitors within 5.4 million-square-feet of showroom space in the Las Vegas desert. Of course we’re talking about the Las Vegas Summer Market – the “Best of the West” cross-country showcase featuring furniture, home décor, gifts and artisan designs.

As the outside temperatures soared to over 100 degrees, we kept our cool demonstrating our SILVERstandard adjustable base at our showroom at the World Market Center. We also had the great opportunity to wander about the center’s three buildings and two temporary pavilions, gaining inspiration and discovering new trends from top-notch global interior designers and retail buyers. With over 170 events and seminars to choose from, we were delighted to see a growing array of educational programming, which captivated industry insight and innovation.

Just like the Market itself – an endless wholesale wonder – we could easily go on and on about all the great home furnishings that wowed us and the networking opportunities that connected us to hundreds of thousands of worldwide retail buyers and industry professionals. Instead, we’ll leave you with our top five takeaways from Las Vegas Summer Market 2018.

Here Are Our 5 Things We Love About LVM:

  1. All the sleep/bedding feels: Everything you wanted to know about new product designs in the bedding business is all under one large roof at Las Vegas Market. There is a mind-boggling array of innovative products and licensed collections for serious bedding buyers to test out, as well as industry creators eager to discuss materials and design enhancements, such as LOGICDATA’s SILVERstandard adjustable bed frame. Interested in learning more about the SILVERstandard and how it adjusts to your business’ needs? Check out our webpage here for more information or contact David Saltsman at david.saltsman@logicdata.net.
  2. The ultimate networking experience: With over 4,000 home furnishings exhibitors, the Las Vegas Market is an incredible space to network and make customer connections. We had fun hobnobbing with industry professionals at the many educational events, seminars and evening entertainment gatherings offered during the five-day Market.
  3. Go big or go home: Everything is over the top in Vegas, and the Las Vegas Market is no exception. This show and its breadth is one that can’t be beat. With over 5.4 million-square-feet of showcase space, Las Vegas Market is one of the largest, if not the largest,  trade show in North America – and one of the best. We found the LVM mobile planner app was a useful tool that helped us and other attendees navigate the show’s massive floor plan.
  4. Focused feedback: The Las Vegas Market is the place where new home furnishing products and features are introduced to industry professionals and buyers. It gives them an exclusive first look at what’s in store for the season, creating an opportunity for early feedback from a real-time focus group. Thanks to the many folks who enjoyed our product/features and overall showroom experience!
  5. Setting a Course for the future: The Las Vegas Market is an extravagant event where new home furnishing trends are discovered and created. This “Best of the West” show allows industry professionals the opportunity to showcase their dreams and gives them a chance to plan their future inspirations.

In the event you missed us at Las Vegas Summer Market, no need to worry! We’re excited to return to our permanent showroom, B954, at the Las Vegas Winter Market, Jan. 27-31, 2019.

We hope to see you there!

Dexter Weber is a Marketing Manager for LOGICDATA North America. Dexter’s background in furniture and smart home technology sales has taught him the true value of building customer relationships.
He is excited to see how technology is developing in the global furniture industry and looks forward to seeing how this technology continues to evolve in enhancing lives.