LVM Summer 2020: A new normal. A new opportunity.

August 17th, 2020

Good news from Vegas. We’re pleased to inform you that this year’s Summer Las Vegas Market will take place from August 30 – September 3, 2020, and that LOGICDATA will, as ever, be welcoming customers to our showroom at the event (we’ll be available from August 30th through September 1st).

When we closed our doors at the Winter Las Vegas Market earlier this year, no one could have foreseen the events that would occur worldwide before the summer edition. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on both the way trade fairs work and the home furnishings industry as a whole. However, we remain optimistic and innovative, providing you with the perfect products for a much-changed world in addition to our guidance and support in selling them. Here’s what you can expect from LOGICDATA in this summer’s LVM at the World Market Center.

Lay back and enjoy the “New Normal”

COVID-19 means the world we live in now demands new perspectives and new ideas, especially when it comes to selling physical consumer products. With nervousness and uncertainty on both sides of the counter, we were left with a very simple, but very challenging question: how can the home furnishings industry adapt to a world affected by the Corona virus?

Despite the rumors of economic gloom, the e-commerce market continues to thrive, albeit with a more local flavor: while 94% of American consumers claim they have been shopping “much more” from internet stores since that start of the pandemic, a staggering 97% of buyers claimed they would prefer to buy from a local buyer with an e-commerce presence. In short, there has never been a better time for Main Street outlets to blossom online.*

We think we’ve found the answer. Our SILVER Series – consisting of the SILVERlite and SILVERstandard adjustable frames alongside our intelligent SILVERsensor – is uniquely placed as a solution to the concerns of both retailers and home consumers. Not only does this e-commerce-friendly collection reduce the pressure on the physical showroom, it also enables families across the US to improve their homes in safety and comfort.

This isn’t just a feeling: the stats show that the world is coming to see things our way. With people forced into spending more time at home due to the pandemic, there is a huge opportunity for homeware retailers to expand their market share, with products such as the SILVERlite and SILVERstandard driving the push towards easily-deliverable, easily-assembled solutions.

Dexter Weber, President at LOGICDATA North America, is certain that our long-term strategy of creating beds built for e-commerce will continue to bear fruit:

“Our products were built for the online world. Given the explosive growth in web traffic during the pandemic, we’ve been able to generate a lot of opportunities helping retailers navigate and adapt to new buyer patterns. LOGICDATA is unique in that we manufacture 100% of the electronics and mechanics ourselves, giving us a strong supply chain that is continuing to scale up production to stay ahead of growing demand. With our ready-to-roll, turn-key SILVER Series e-commerce business model, retailers can start selling online today.”

The SILVER Series truly is a silver lining for retailers in these turbulent times. Compatible with drop shipping, pallet shipping, and container shipping, the bed is the perfect product to bridge the gap from the physical to the online world in the age of COVID-19. We can even ship directly to your customer’s doorstep, saving you the effort and expense of organizing storage and delivery yourself.

Off to Market: About LVM Summer 2020

Of course, with the prevailing public health crisis, it would be unreasonable to expect the Las Vegas Market to proceed as it has done in previous years. However, thanks to the hard work and fastidious planning of both the Las Vegas Market organizers and International Market Centers (who operate the World Market Center building) measures have been put in place to ensure a safe, socially-distanced event that ensures the show can go on. If you are planning on attending the Las Vegas Market this summer, please take the following precautions into account:

Visiting LOGICDATA at the Las Vegas Market Summer 2020:

We’re looking forward to greeting you from our permanent Las Vegas home in the showroom B954. To keep everyone safe and healthy, here are our tips for an enjoyable 2020 Summer Market:

  1. The Market will be split into two “sessions”: Session A (August 30 – September 1, 2020) and Session B (September 1-3, 2020). Plan your visit in advance to avoid disappointment.
  2. Once you have decided which session you will attend, pre-register for the event before your arrival on the Las Vegas Market website.
  3. Observe all COVID-19 precautions, such as keeping to social distancing markers on the floor, wearing a mask if possible, and disinfecting your hands regularly. Where possible, you should try to use the escalators and avoid confined spaces like elevators or long queues. The latest safety advice can be found on the official Las Vegas Market website.
  4. Make an appointment to visit our showroom: Click here
  5. Take your place in the e-commerce (r)evolution by visiting us in showroom B954. We can’t wait to see you there!

Please note: Our showroom won’t be open on September 2nd and 3rd. However, you can make a video appointment if you won’t be able to see us before then. LOGICDATA will also be accepting Walk-In visitors that do not conflict with any appointments or showroom capacity.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dexter Weber ( for further information.

See you there.

We know that this year’s Las Vegas Market simply won’t be the same, and we’re hoping for a swift return to normality as soon as the Corona virus issue has been resolved.

Until then, we’ll be helping to make the world on adjustable furniture retail a more convenient, profitable, and safe experience for everyone. If you can make it to Las Vegas, we’d be delighted to tell you all about it.

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