An Outstanding Day

After months of preparation, LOGICDATA’s 20th birthday was finally there. It was June 23rd, 2017, and the LOGICDATA Headquarters in Deutschlandsberg were finally ready to be opened to the world. Never before had the building appeared in such a flawless and beautiful manner. Glass was shining, floors were polished, all was in place. Everything was ready for our big anniversary celebration.


Around 700 people attended the event. The LOGICDATA employees, our great team, were invited with their families. It was a great chance for everyone to see where their loved ones work and spend their days. Network partners, neighbors and fellows also came to our “birthday” party, joining us in looking back at our success story. We also had the honor to welcome some of our customers at the LOGICDATA headquarters – it was a pleasure to celebrate our anniversary with them. Without our customers, we would not have come to where we stand today. And lastly, we also were able to host guests from the public, such as Archbishop Franz Lackner from Salzburg, who blessed our building, as well as Landesrätin Barbara Eibinger-Miedl (from the council of Styria) and mayor Josef Wallner of Deutschlandsberg. After words of appreciation and the blessing of the headquarters, all guests were invited to “stay for the unexpected” – just in LOGICDATA’s manner – creating the unexpected. With many entertainment highlights during the day, the event was a joyful and enriching experience for all guests. It was emotional, amusing and thrilling to get to know so much about LOGICDATA and its innovations.


Two movies, the LOGICDATA History and the LOGICDATA Image movie, premiered at our anniversary celebration.


The company history movie is highlighting the milestones that got us to where we stand today with our global 280 employees team. We (r)evolutionize adjustable furniture – this motto is what LOGICDATA stood and stands for on the market, and will even more in the upcoming years.



LOGICDATA’s new image movie states and proudly presents what we stand for as a team. We are minds in motion. Constantly creating the unexpected, trying to step further when others stop, all based on our unique LOGIC spirit that ties us together in our pursuit of excellence.



In 1997, owner and founder Walter Koch made LOGICDATA a legal company, developing and selling first ideas and types of switches for desks. LOGICDATA rapidly grew, with their first time exhibiting in Cologne at a trade fair in 2003. After moving into the new headquarters in Deutschlandsberg in 2006, these headquarters were extended in 2014 and now opened to the public in 2017. LOGICDATA is a visible success story which every visitor and every viewer of the movie can see and feel first hand.


The way LOGICDATA works and lives today, is based on a unique and sustainable company culture, characterized by contribution, servant leadership and solidary team spirit. Being employed at LOGICDATA is more than a 9 to 5 job. We thrive, we innovate, we are in motion. We go a step further where others stop. We are LOGICDATA.


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