Contribution & (R)evolution – What keeps us moving

March 1st, 2017

Creating a product is not a sprint from A to B, not a straight line from an idea to production. In fact, the process of creating something new that is being put out into the world will evolve into a cycle – in some way, it will start over and repeat itself and over time leave its marks. As an innovator, we are in a position to influence these marks positively in a significant way, whether that is by the choice of our resources, our employees, our approach or our attitude & values.

We believe in contribution.

Contribution in its definition is doing what you can with the resources you are given, to achieve something with others and concentrate all your skills on one goal in order to succeed in your mission. Some aims require more than just one person, and that is why a group of people is able to accomplish what no one thought was possible. We believe it is our moral obligation to contribute to a better tomorrow and even more than that, it is our desire to improve the world around us – by our products, our workplace and our way of thinking. We want to use our knowledge and capabilities to make the planet a better place to live and work. In the end it does not come down to what is on the market but rather who is on the market. By pursuing this, we assure being recognized as a meaningful and mindful brand.

We believe in (r)evolution

(R)evolution is what we take from the given contribution in the long term. By learning and observing the cycle we gain the essential ability to grow, develop and think further. That’s why we invest in continuous learning and in fostering innovation in our work environment. With our knowledge we pursue excellence, and with our enthusiasm, we build strong teams and partnerships. The pursue of creating the unexpected, taking the next step and being leaders keeps us moving  through this world that by itself is constantly in motion.