Life = Style: Introducing the COSMO Line

January 19th, 2022

The Las Vegas Market is always a highlight in our calendar, but the 2022 edition is sure to be extra special. That’s because we’re delighted to introduce our all-new range of adjustable home furnishings to the world. Whether you’re planning on visiting us in Booth B958 at the Las Vegas Market, or if you’re simply looking to bring more motion to your business: Say hello to the COSMO Line.


Lifestyle. It’s a Choice.

We developed the COSMO Line because we believe that furniture – and adjustable furniture in particular – can help us to achieve the lifestyles we want to enjoy. However, when technology means that everything is connected, defining lifestyle is no longer a question of what you do, but where you do it. The cities in which we live – and the places we reside within those cities – are the ways in which we answer a simple question: where is home?

Whether we seek excitement, convenience, or luxury, there are countless ways that we make our homes our own. According to Business Development Manager George Höfler, there’s only one constant in the journey of every day: it all starts – and ends – in bed.

Sleep matters, and because sleep matters, choosing the perfect bed frame is important too. A bed is not simply a bed: it is a multipurpose item of furniture that should adjust to your needs at the touch of a button. In a world in which our perceptions of ourselves are connected by an all-encompassing lifestyle concept, your bed is not just for the night hours: it’s a product for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In short, because our lifestyles are ever-changing, the future of furniture is an adjustable one.

COSMO Line for a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

With the importance of flexibility and lifestyle at its heart, the COSMO Line redefines what your bed can be. Each model empowers people in different stages of their lives, with diverse lifestyle requirements, to live the cosmopolitan lifestyle through adjustable sleep technology.

Dexter Weber, President of LOGICDATA North America, explains exactly how LOGICDATA has encapsulated the cosmopolitan ideal.

Cosmopolitan means feeling at home, wherever you are in the world. This freedom from the constraints of location provides an infinite palette of inspiration, which extends to the items we use to furnish our dwellings. In choosing the perfect furniture products for our homes, we can draw influences from the world’s most attractive cities, creating a living space that incorporates the unique aspects of each metropolis in a way that’s truly unique.

The defining aspects of the cosmopolitan lifestyle are balanced carefully throughout the COSMO Line, each product performing its unique take on the philosophy. The core pillars of our cosmopolitan philosophy are as follows:


The most exciting, bustling urban centers around the world are driven by an energy that only youth can provide. Freedom of expression, avantgarde design, and perception-challenging functionality feature prominently in the COSMO Line, especially in the COSMO Sydney and COSMO Austin models.


As up-and-coming cities mature, they develop characteristics that set them apart from their contemporaries. These attributes send a strong statement about the increasing refinement and elegance of a particular place, broadening the appeal to a discerning target audience. Confidence – exemplified by the extended feature sets of the COSMO Austin and COSMO Vienna bases – is central to the COSMO Line’s appeal.


The world’s most recognizable cities don’t need to shout about their alluring charm; they whisper it seductively into your ear. The effortless superiority of the COSMO Vienna – not only in design, but in performance, reliability and safety – brings to mind the carefree arrogance of an illustrious past and the confidence of an exciting future.

Meet the Products

For the COSMO Line, we’ve created three outstanding bedroom products that are the perfect reflections of the people who use them and the cities after which they are named: COSMO Sydney, COSMO Austin, and COSMO Vienna.

With these high-quality adjustable bases, we provide the perfect frame, with the perfect features, at the perfect price. Our wide-ranging portfolio offers customers the chance to experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle; choosing the bedroom product that adjusts precisely to their needs and budget. Let’s meet the range.

COSMO Sydney: Pure and Simple.

If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.
Baz Luhrmann

Our entry-level offering is inspired by the wide beaches, unique architecture and endless sunshine of the vibrant, up-and-coming city of Sydney, Australia. The COSMO Sydney is the perfect sanctuary for young, urban households with an eye for stunning ergonomic design. A perfectly-optimized core feature set makes it a game changing addition to the homes of anyone who values maximum flexibility with minimum cost, space and fuss.

The minimalism of the COSMO Sydney has endless benefits: not only does the bed facilitate the position changes that enable the flexibility users desire, it does so via a low-profile design that makes moving the bed – from room to room or to whole new living spaces – incredibly simple. In fact, a single person can assemble the entire bed frame on their own in just 15 minutes.

The COSMO Sydney’s unique visual style was developed precisely with well-coordinated inner-city dwellings in mind. However, it’s not just about reducing space: the cosmopolitan lifestyle is about ensuring that every square inch is utilized effectively. This adjustable bed frame gives singles, young couples and more the chance to turn their bedrooms into a space to work, to play, and – most importantly – to live.

Key Features:

  • Head Up and Foot Up. Smooth up and down movement of the head and foot sections.
  • Wireless Remote Control. Move effortlessly to new bed positions at the touch of a button.
  • Zero-clearance. Platform-friendly design that allows for maximum customization and use without legs.

COSMO Austin: Everything’s Bigger in Texas.

I like it here in Austin. Anybody got a room?
Keith Richards

Austin, Texas, was voted the most-livable US City for three years in a row at the end of the last decade. While the metropolis is no longer a well-kept secret, it sets a world-leading example about how to maintain authenticity and attraction while transitioning from a city of potential into one that delivers on its promise.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, which is why the COSMO Austin reflects the self-assured, free-wheeling vibe of Austin itself: enhancing the minimalist aesthetic of the COSMO Sydney with an expanded feature set that caters precisely to a heightened desire for comfort and convenience.

With additional functionality including USB ports, an underbed light and wireless connection to a specially-developed app for effortless sleep enhancements, the COSMO Austin enters new levels of comfort (and best-in-class stability), while maintaining the avantgarde design principles that made you fall in love with it in the first place.

Key Features:

  • 900 lbs Weight Limit. Strong enough for the heaviest of heavy sleepers.
  • LED Under-bed Light. Never lose your way at night.
  • USB Ports. Stay in touch with your smart device, even while its charging.

COSMO Vienna: Goodnight, Vienna.

The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.
Karl Kraus

Sophistication is defined by quality: a certain nonchalant refinement that is reflected through every aspect of its subjects’ character. No city embodies this concept like Vienna: from its baroque coffee houses to its luxury boutiques and enchanting history of aristocrats, composers and philosophers, the city appeals to the part of our being that recognizes maturity, beauty, and comfort.

The effortless style of the Austrian capital is honored by the COSMO Vienna – the full-featured, flagship product of the COSMO Line. With extensive options to enhance user comfort – including a multi-setting massage function and nightstand reach functionality – this exceptional adjustable bed frame provides an irreplicable elegance that fits perfectly into each and every day.

Key Features:

  • Nightstand Reach.
  • Vibration Massage. 3 soothing massage settings: Constant, Wave, and Pulse.
  • Control via the App. Ditch the Remote, keep the Control.

Adjusted to You: Customization and Modularity

While the three products in the COSMO Line have been relentlessly optimized to the requirements of their target groups, the potential for individualization doesn’t end there. Sleep is one of the most personal aspects of daily life, and the time we spend in bed can have a huge impact on the lives we choose to lead.

Every product in the COSMO Line embodies the epic quality that makes us leaders in adjustable technology: no protruding parts, space for storage, anti-pinching functionality for pets and children, and much more. However, sleep is personal, which is why we provide endless customization options – both in design and functionality – to help you tailor your range to the exact needs of your customers. Here are just a few of the benefits of the COSMO Line for your business.

  • Customization available for all COSMO Line products.
  • Unique styling options for legs, platforms, and more.
  • Branding possibilities for packaging, user materials and apps.
  • No MOQ on all standard models.
  • White-labelling options for “off the shelf” variants.
  • Compliance and certification support for all new products.

Perfect for E-Commerce. Perfect for Main Street.

Creating outstanding adjustable furniture is one thing. However, an important part of embracing a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle is creating unbeatable user experience – defined by comfort, cost and convenience – at each stage of the product journey. That’s why we’re helping vendors unlock the door to a profitable future in online retail.

Compatible with dropshipping, pallet, and container shipping supply chain models, the COSMO Line helps you maximize your online potential. We’ll ship directly to your customers – saving you storage and delivery costs – or straight to your warehouse. All COSMO Line products fit snugly into a single package, ensuring market-leading comfort without the squeeze. Here are just some of the benefits that the COSMO Line can bring to your online business.

  • Assistance in forecasting and optimum order placement.
  • Delivery to logistics centers or direct-to-consumer.
  • Dedicated hotline for product support and replacement parts.
  • Troubleshooting guide for vendors.
  • Optimized “Click & Collect” product.

Even if your main focus is in face-to-face retail, the COSMO Line still offers incredible value to your business: each frame fits perfectly as a “Cash & Carry” style furnishing. The compactness of the product packaging means minimal storage space “out back” is required to keep an adjustable option in your showroom – why not offer your customers a glimpse into the cosmopolitan lifestyle too?

See You in Vegas?

We’re incredibly excited to finally introduce the COSMO Line to the world and hear your thoughts on the COSMO Sydney, the COSMO Austin and COSMO Vienna at the 2022 Las Vegas Market. To celebrate our all-new product line, we’ve got ourselves a brand-new showroom. Come and join us in Booth B958 and find out what all the fuss is about.