July 4th, 2019

The LOGICDATA team has had a busy three weeks, “hopping the pond” to showcase our power-packed portfolio at both interzum in Cologne, Germany and NeoCon in Chicago, IL. And now that we’ve caught our breath, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on all that transpired and exactly what made these shows so successful.

Our Top 5 Take-Aways:


YOU inspired us with your curiosity and enthusiasm for our suite of intelligent and agile solutions for the modern work environment and home! We were proud to share how we “put motion to work,” providing the opportunity to experience our products first hand. These included:

  • SMARTneo – This next generation “smart” switched-mode power Supply Control Box features low-profile housing that facilitates complete freedom in design for height-adjustable tables and has the ability to connect to our LOGICcell battery. Coupled with its integrated, highly-sensitive collision detection system, this product provides the best value all-in-one Control Box on the market.
  • EASY2move – LOGICDATA’s hyper-responsive paddle switch features intuitive control for upward and downward motion, offering freedom of movement according to user preference.
  • DMG90 – This new intelligent Actuator delivers a uniquely powerful, responsive driving experience for height adjustability without the need for external Control Boxes. It’s 90˚ cranked motor offers total freedom in design and can be used for single- and dual-stage table systems.

And best of all, we were thrilled by your reception of our new DYNAMIC MOTION system which was unveiled at both shows. This state-of-the-art system for sit/stand workstations features the new DMG90 Actuator for dramatically increased responsiveness and eliminate the need for external Control Boxes. The system’s brushless technology facilitates smooth, soft transitions and reduces component wearout for increased lifetime durability, all at a whisper noise level.

Ready to experience the power of the DYNAMIC MOTION system? Use the configurator to take the first step towards the adjustable system of your dreams. Let’s go…


Both interzum and NeoCon serve as “learning labs” for LOGICDATA, which is quite fitting, as we maintain a strong commitment to continuous innovation and product improvement. Not only did the team take in the other booths, we offered a “hands on” experience for those who came to the LOGICDATA booth. The many conversations and questions make an impact, and we use this moving forward with product development and enhancement. 

We’ve listened to you, and at interzum, the LOGIC HOME Business Unit debuted the newly refined SILVERlite “off-the-shelf” adjustable bed, available in the US this July. Based on early feedback, configuration has been enhanced with an additional crossbar for even easier assembly and better support, and rounded platform for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Like the SILVERstandard adjustable bed, the SILVERlite will have a minimum order quantity of one, which means sales can start immediately.


This year at NeoCon we were able to share a new dimension with keynote speaker Steve Morren, Sales Director Americas for Spacewell. Steve spoke about solutions for Facilities Management specialists to improve workplace productivity and optimize workplace real estate. Specifically, he shared how Spacewell, global IWMS software and smart building solution provider, is teaming up with LOGICDATA to serve as the custom-tailored software interface for Facilities Management through LOGICDATA’s LOGIClink hardware, the cutting-edge connectivity hub that connects the entire work environment via Wi-Fi. This pairing – LOGIClink with software – provides real-time data, helping Facilities Managers better understand their investment and adapt to improve space usage and overall workplace experience, resulting in significant cost savings.

This partnership not only ensures the best possible product for our customers, it underscores the very spirit of collaboration that LOGICDATA is known for – collaboration with partners and customers alike.


LOGICDATA is appreciative of the media interest surrounding our products and who we are as a company. We were pleased to engage in many one-on-one conversations at our booths, helping to shape their articles with our latest innovations, as we know this is one of the best ways to spread the word to reach our customers.

Additionally, we were pleased to introduce the first edition of DYNAMIK LIFE Magazine. It was created in its entirety by the LOGICDATA’s global team of adjustable enthusiasts. The magazine is steeped in two decades of industry experience, analysis and insight with a keen eye on the future.  And it is for you – our partners, customers and friends. These are the very relationships that motivate and inspire us to bring forth the best in adjustable furniture technology. We hope you enjoy it!



Interzum and NeoCon provided an opportunity to network with old and new friends alike, and to showcase our best-in-class “smart” offerings. At LOGICDATA, it is a longstanding tradition to mark major milestones and celebrate big achievements by “hitting the gong,” and LOGICDATA’s participation in these two shows was no exception. At NeoCon, Rob Kirkbride, Editor-In-Chief of Business of Furniture did the honors. Now that’s what we call a fitting ending to a great show!