How to Win Big in Vegas

February 28th, 2020

For any company that’s serious about the home furnishings industry, the Las Vegas Market is a twice-yearly event that simply cannot be missed.

This winter’s Las Vegas Market was a huge opportunity for us to showcase our existing range of adjustable home products, as well as a brand-new one: the SILVERsensor. This innovative sleep wellness system is a sophisticated addition to our groundbreaking SILVER Series: providing real-time rest wellness data straight to your smartphone and helping you improve the quality of your sleep.

Recently, we spoke to LOGICDATA Sales & Marketing Manager Dexter Weber to give you the lowdown on this exciting new product and to explain why the Las Vegas Market is vital to our overall strategy.

Dexter, Hi! Firstly, tell us a little about the Las Vegas Market: what it is, why it is important, and why it is such an exciting opportunity for LOGICDATA.

Hello! The Las Vegas Market is the biggest home furnishings expo in the western US and the place where all the industry’s key players gather to showcase their products, share ideas, and make contacts. It’s precisely for this reason that the event is so important to us: it gives us the chance to talk one-on-one with both our customers and our competitors, to see what’s new on the market, and to evaluate how we can improve.

Our presence in Las Vegas also helps us spread the idea of adjustable technology in the home furnishings market across the value chain. Currently around 1 in 10 mattresses in the US is sold with an adjustable base: by networking with retailers, mattress producers and even static bed frame manufacturers, we can help increase that number. Good for us, good for the potential customer as well.

What was special about the 2020 Winter Las Vegas Market?

In the past, we’ve used the Las Vegas Market to introduce some really important products to the industry, above all our SILVERstandard and SILVERlite adjustable bases. This year was a little different: the cornerstone of our booth was the all-new SILVERsensor, which is a completely different type of product but one that we’re incredibly excited about.

Sounds impressive. What does it do?

The SILVERsensor is an intelligent sleep wellness tracker that we see as the beginning of a new age in bedroom IoT.

In short, the sensor gathers information about the way that you sleep: by registering small vibrations in the bed frame, metrics such as heartbeat, respiration, rapid eye movement, and much more are measured and sent to the SILVERsensor App. In the app, users can find out more about their sleeping patterns and use the collected information to improve the quality of their sleep.

The app features an interactive “Sleep Diary”: an intuitive feature that provides valuable sleep quality metrics over a specified period. The device can also connect to our beds’ mechatronic components, allowing the user to adjust their position through the app, without the need for a remote control.

The SILVERsensor itself is a small box that can be fitted in a couple of minutes to the bottom of the bed frame. We’ve also integrated a small underbed light into the product, which helps users find their way in the night without waking up a partner or child in the same room.

With the entire feature set, what we are trying to do is add value to adjustable bases: for the retailers who sell them as well as the people who buy and sleep in them. Small, but significant products like the SILVERsensor make the LOGICDATA bedroom experience more fulfilling at a minimum added cost.

Okay… but why?

At LOGICDATA, we’re always trying to create products that make a positive difference to peoples’ lives. The idea behind an adjustable bed is that everyone sleeps differently, so we use our technology to allow them to find comfortable positions that help them sleep better. With the SILVERsensor, we go a step further: because people generally aren’t aware of their activity while we sleep, the product provides insight into key factors that influence rest quality.

The need for products like the SILVERsensor is backed up by statistics that show approximately 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. That is an enormous number of people that could benefit from some extra help in improving their overnight health, so by presenting scientific data in an intuitive way – via the SILVERsensor app – we can start to improve those numbers. Education is the key here, I think.

How was the SILVERsensor received at Las Vegas Market?

Generally speaking, very well. As the SILVERsensor is something that’s very new on the market, we had to find effective ways of explaining a (r)evolutionary concept to a wide audience, but I think the team in Vegas managed that excellently.

A lot of the questions we received were about compatibility, which is something that has been integrated into our project timeline. Although the device is currently only compatible with LOGICDATA adjustables, an extended roll-out is planned for third-party static and adjustable frames soon.

We’re always looking to the future, so it’s great for us when that future is so exciting.

Dexter Weber

Sales & Marketing Manager LOGICDATA North America