We Came. We Saw. We Adjusted.

Interzum 2023 in Review

The show is over… but the real work starts here. At LOGICDATA, alongside our partners at JIECANG, we’re celebrating a productive Interzum 2023 – returning to our respective offices in Austria, Germany and China with new insights, new optimism, and brand-new ideas.

Whether you missed us at Interzum or simply want to relive our incredible showroom, this post recaps the highlights from the show, as told by the LOGICDATA and JIECANG teams.

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The Mission: Adjust to the Future.

To celebrate the first joint Interzum between LOGICDATA and JIECANG, we wanted a truly special showroom – and a very special message that captured the essence of our collective strength. With “Adjusted to the Future”, we looked to show the market how two brands can be greater than the sum of their parts: especially when it comes to problem solving with linear motion technology.

Under the heading Adjusted to the Future, we pumped up our innovation to the max, creating a showroom filled with products and services future-proofed for every challenge ahead. By creating a perfectly balanced exhibition that put LOGICDATA’s premium technology and the rapid-response customization potential of JIECANG in the spotlight, we aimed to provide every visitor to our booth the opportunity to find the perfect package for their own customers.

Stefan Kieler, LOGICDATA’s Vice President Sales & Marketing, explains the vast importance of a well-structured display.

We want to be the exhibitor that people remember from their trip to Interzum. We are constantly thinking about what will resonate with our audiences – and presenting innovations and products to provide the solution they are looking for. We have the products to back up our promises, and we’re traditionally very strong in visual presentation. However, it’s the human factor, our team, that sets LOGICDATA and JIECANG apart.

LOGICDATA at Interzum: Premium Technology Inside.

As the first visitors came to the showroom, our team set to work: showcasing our latest developments in premium linear motion technology. The modern, innovative concept and unique vibe of our showroom proved to be way above the standard on the market and a firm favorite among guests – with passersby and pre-arranged appointments contributing to a full house.

Although there were waiting times for the packed exhibits, these were soothed by the bar in the social area that added to the incredible sense of unity between LOGICDATA and JIECANG. For the exhibits themselves, we focused on the eCommerce and OEM market segments – showing how our premium technology (added to made-to-measure service packages) solve problems for our guests.

OPTIMUS: Customization the Key

For the OEM market, our pre-show activities centered around the OPTIMUS Program – our modular set of products and services that enables manufacturers to customize complete adjustable products, as well as benefit from tailored logistics models.

The OPTIMUS Program exhibition, which included the interactive OPTIMUS Configurator for visitors to create their own frames, proved especially popular among guests – who were impressed by both the flexibility of the products on show and the virtual potential for more. Customization was a key topic for both ourselves and JIECANG at Interzum. Our team fielded endless requests for individualization, which we were only too happy to accommodate.

When it came to providing the right solutions, at the right price point, the partnership of LOGICDATA and JIECANG was especially important. We’ve both begun to benefit from the cross-pollination of customer bases, who are reacting to our close relationship with incredible positivity. Mario Neuhold, Director Sales Europe at LOGICDATA is certain of the reasons behind this.

In a word, synergy. With an expanded portfolio and strong global supply network, both LOGICDATA and JIECANG can serve customers from all over the world. We benefit from each other – but most importantly, our customers benefit too. Products and services from a provider they trust, optimized for maximum value.

Recognition for LOGICflex: Receiving the Interzum Award.

For B2C retailers, the LOGICflex collection is the perfect solution: stylish, customizable designs that are optimized for the needs of sellers, including those in e-Commerce. With our premium technology in every frame, the team was confident of a great reception.

This proved to be the case. The exhibitions of the LOGICflex F and the four-leg LOGICflex X – complete with gaming setup and a customized LOGICDATA racing game – were met with widespread acclaim by visitors. Specific compliments were reserved for the smoothness of our new drive technology at the heart of each product, which sets our range apart on a competitive market.

However, even higher praise came from the event organizers themselves. The LOGICflex X received the Interzum Award in the category “High Product Quality” – an honor for our team and the LOGICflex collection. In its publicly shared notes, the award committee made special mention of the desk’s “pure design and pleasant haptics”, as well as praising its hidden cabling concept. Thomas Loibner, Head of Product Management, who accepted the award for LOGICDATA, felt the accolade was well deserved.

High Product Quality” sums it up very well – we know that the LOGICflex X is an incredible adjustable, so it’s pleasing to see it get the praise it deserves. In fact, if the reception at Interzum is anything to go by, we’re sure that the LOGICflex X will prove as popular on the market as among the judges in the coming months.

The JIECANG Collection at Interzum 2023.

Of course, we couldn’t have enjoyed such a productive Interzum without the support, innovation and technology of our Chinese partners, who put on quite the display of their own. On the JIECANG side of the booth, guests were invited to try out the Chinese company’s high-speed drive system, which features a potential top speed of 80 mm/s and lifting capacity of 120 kg… and they absolutely loved it.

Although this was arguably the highlight of the JIECANG range, there was plenty more to come. Alongside their new “Click” assembly concept EZ4.5, new versions of the Odette 2.0, Lite3.0 and the FutureMix models generated plenty of interest. Outside the collection of adjustable office furniture, crowds were drawn to the booth’s kitchen display – powered by JIECANG motion technology.

Jimmy Hu, CEO Assistant at JIECANG, looks back at a hugely successful few days in Germany.

“We wanted to use Interzum to show our products, and to highlight those in the LOGICDATA range as well. By actively talking to the market, we were able to demonstrate our commitment to problem solving – and how European design and Asian industriousness can deliver that. The reception we received proves that our instincts and research were correct – we can return to work happy.”

Two Brands. One Team. The LOGICDATA-JIECANG Experience

The partnership between LOGICDATA and JIECANG is about more than technology – it’s a celebration of collaboration that is making a real difference on the linear motion market. At Interzum, visitors experienced how our partnership fills lucrative niches in their customer bases. Our team were happy to advise partners of JIECANG’s potential for rapid-response customization, while JIECANG could point quality-driven customers to our premium linear motion technology as well.

The growing relationship between LOGICDATA and JIECANG – and the desire to benefit from mutual strength and expertise – was even consummated by a successful, cross-cultural booth party. Fusion kitchen and traditional music (featuring performances from our own talented team) gave the audience a real flavor of these two divergent cultures – and how they can harmonize together.

The booth party contributed to a strong feeling of togetherness between the two brands – a major talking point among visitors, and a proud moment for LOGICDATA’s Head of Marketing Jasmin Pinheiro.

It was my personal highlight. It’s great for our team to express their individuality, and great for customers to interact with brands that have real character. Obviously, it’s good for business too, getting to know our market, but showcasing the people behind the products is such a lovely experience to take away.

Final Reflections: A Resounding Success

We arrived in Cologne to convince the market that we are Adjusted to the Future – and our strong performance at Interzum exceeded all expectations. We’re looking forward to solving our customers’ problems in the linear motion market – until the next Interzum and beyond! Christoph Schaller, CEO a LOGICDATA, will look back on the 2023 Interzum as a particular highlight of his tenure in charge:

It was a success. There are many reasons for that: our outstanding range of products and services, our team, and of course our partnership with JIECANG. However, the key was that we did what we came here to do: use our innovation as a tool for problem solving. Now the market knows exactly how we can help them overcome their challenges with innovative linear motion technology.