May 30th, 2018

By Jacquelyn Caprathe, Business Development Manager BU LOGIC OFFICE, North America

It’s no secret that one of the most profound changes in the workplace – the evolution of wellness – continues to gain in momentum, sophistication and acceptance.  In fact wellness is often considered the new employee benefit:  Just step inside any size company and you’ll see its manifestations in everything from healthier cafeteria offerings and tobacco-free campuses to green roofs and early morning yoga classes (minus the goats!)

This same trend has given rise to an influx of office furniture designed to promote movement and physicality with self-rising desks and tables.  In fact in the past decade, motion-based, adjustable furniture has become one of the fastest-growing categories as employers recognize the extraordinary health and ergonomic benefits.

As companies large and small step up their game to invest in these adjustable furnishings, the global office furniture industry remains leap years ahead, continually defining and identifying the wellness needs of the future, and then translating these needs into solution-based wellness products.

Partnering Together

As such, the industry demands partners that also echo their passion to innovate.  As the world’s leading motion-based furnishings rely on the specialization of leading components to master the levels of quality, performance and dependability.

You have that partner in LOGICDATA , a global leader in the supply of height adjustable components.  But make no mistake, our leadership approach goes beyond the design and creation of advanced componentry – we come to the table as your solution-based consultant.  We work with you from the ground up, together reimagining the future of adjustability.  We’re that partner and category leader who you can rely on, committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our work – from our people to our passion for results.   Simply put, we aim to revolutionize the future of work spaces.

A ‘Customer First’ Focus

Market leadership cannot be attained in a silo. Our approach begins with an unwavering commitment to our customers who depend on our ability to provide reliability –not only in the serving up cutting-edge technology and a streamlined design of components, but in our partnerships. We deliver both in spades, working behind-the-scenes on your behalf to create unparalleled ergonomic solutions.  And we do so against the evolving aesthetic and design needs of the workplace environment. Our ability to produce components at a high volume has proven critical to our mutual success.

Technological Advancements

As a company deeply rooted in technology and its role in movement/motion, our commitment to innovation goes far beyond innovation for the sake of invention. Rather, it is a commitment to developing state-of-the-art technological advancements that help our customers deploy new ways to rethink and readjust HOW employees work well:

Case in point, imagine stepping into your office or work space, and the lights dim ever so slightly, your desk rises up to meet you at ideal ergonomic height, etc.  This scenario is one of many customizations available through our exceptional products that provide innovative solutions to today’s office environments:

  • LOGIClink – This component serves as a central hub for connectivity in the office, providing for the optimal user experience through customization. Bluetooth technology enables individual recognition of settings – from desk to chair to lighting and more.
  • LOGICcell – This rechargeable battery pack provides the same power in adjustability and motion, only “unplugged” for greater mobility. The docking station allows for easy exchange and the unit is charged by standard micro USB charger.

Next month, thousands of the global office furniture industry’s brightest minds will take-over downtown Chicago for the 50th anniversary of #NeoCon, the world’s leading forum and showroom for “what’s next” in the evolving workplace, including the future of wellness.  LOGICDATA will once again play an important role in this incredible collaborative opportunity.  Our company’s CEO, product designers, sales and leadership teams are ready to engage in the many networking connections and opportunities with both existing and new partners.  LOGICDATA has no doubt that new collaboration will unfold along the way.

Please join us and discover how we may play a role in leading your idea or plans to new heights at NeoCon 2018, June 11-13, Booth #7-10078 on the 7th floor at theMART.  To make a personal appointment in advance, just send me an email at Jacquelyn.Caprathe@LOGICDATA.net .
I look forward to meeting you!

Jacquelyn Caprathe is a Business Development Manager for LOGICDATA in the LOGIC OFFICE business unit. Jacquelyn’s sales background in outdoor furnishings, residential furnishings, health care, and health science has led her to her passion for technology used to improve people’s lives. She is eager and excited to introduce new technology and adjustability into the workspace to improve how people work and feel.