Vegas State of Mind: Reflections from the 2022 Summer Market

August 10th, 2022

At the end of July, our jet-setting team headed back from Las Vegas following the conclusion of another successful Las Vegas Market. The 2022 Summer edition was an important milestone in our journey with the COSMO Line and our quest to become market leaders in adjustable furniture for the home. In Vegas, we introduced a new product in the range – the COSMO Toronto – and presented the ever-popular collection to old friends and new contacts in the industry. Let’s look back on another successful show, with insights from members of the LOGICDATA team who helped create another memorable event.

COSMO Line: Expanding the Range, Building the Brand

We arrived in Las Vegas with a clear mission: to introduce the newest addition of the COSMO Line to the world (see our preview blog post). The COSMO Toronto, which sits between the cost-effective COSMO Sydney and the full-featured COSMO Vienna in the range, represents an important addition to the lineup.

With its under-bed light, USB ports and connection to our app, the COSMO Toronto certainly has the potential to take the market by storm. Despite the excitement, Dexter Weber, President of LOGICDATA North America, points out that while new products can often “steal the show”, the value of the COSMO Line is in the diversity throughout the range.

We were pleased to see the COSMO Toronto in the showroom and the reception it received was positive – no less than we’d expect from such an exciting product. However, the COSMO Line is about meeting the needs of our customers right now. We expect more interest in the COSMO Toronto over time, likewise the COSMO Vienna, when these products are a little more mature. At the present time, the “ready-to-go” COSMO Sydney is the market’s clear favorite.

The Show and the Showroom

Although traditionally a more understated affair than the show’s winter counterpart, the Summer Las Vegas Market is still a key event in the LOGICDATA calendar. For this reason, we put huge effort into marketing the COSMO Line in the run-up to July 24.

Our excellent work didn’t go unnoticed by the show’s organizers and the media. Our COSMO Line press release caught the attention of Sleep Retailer and our updated product range was selected as the Sleep Retailer Summer 2022 Editors’ Pick, while we also received recognition from the trade show’s host. The clear identity of the COSMO Line, and its focus on the benefits of adjustability as a lifestyle choice, are clearly paying dividends. This our confidence is filtering through to the industry as a whole, as Marketing Manager Silvia Meinhart explains:

It was a huge honor to feature on week six of the Las Vegas Market Snapshot Program and being among the finalists of the program! It’s great exposure for our brand, but it’s also testament to the hard work of the team. We were really pleased with our presence generally at the show: during the market we had a COSMO Sydney base on display in the lobby of the World Market Center as part of the Snapshot Program, which was a personal highlight for me.

Quality, Not Quantity

Although foot traffic stayed modest throughout the event, the LOGICDATA team still had plenty to do to make the Summer Las Vegas Market a success. Rather than a flood of walk-in traffic, we focused on a more personal touch: holding positive, in-depth conversations with a wide selection of potential customers and partners. This is an approach that LOGICDATA Business Development Manager, Georg Höfler, found particularly effective.

I think there’s different ways you can measure success, particularly for events like the Las Vegas Market. Obviously, we love the big events, when the halls are full of people, but this kind of show is immensely valuable too. In fact, the slightly reduced attendance helped us to focus closer on the customers who pre-booked appointments, and the value of this to our business is enormous. The Summer 2022 event was certainly a case of quality over quantity, and we’ll be looking to replicate this in upcoming shows too.

The discussions and consultations yielded many positive results for our business development team. The strong interest in the COSMO Line even extended far beyond the LOGICDATA showroom itself, with existing customers creating excitement by displaying our products as part of their exhibitions. As the COSMO Line, as well as the customer list, continues to grow, we see enormous potential for similar synergies in future.

Looking Forward

As we look to expand our market presence, reflecting critically and honestly is an important step to driving the innovation that makes LOGICDATA one of a kind. Between now and the winter edition of the Las Vegas Market, we’ll be working tirelessly to bring you the best in adjustable furniture and to make our showroom an even more exciting place to be.

Missed LOGICDATA at the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market? Talk to our team at to find out why the COSMO Line is the perfect choice for your business!