You´re Almost Home: Looking Ahead to the 2023 Summer Las Vegas Market

July 19th, 2023

From July 30 to August 3, familiar faces and new friends in the home furnishings business will gather in Nevada for the 2023 Las Vegas Summer Market. It’s a great chance to make new connections… and to showcase our best bedroom products!

If you’re attending, it’s also your chance to get familiar with the unique advantages of the LOGICDATA collection of adjustable bed bases. Read on to learn more about what you can discover in Booth B958 at the 2023 Las Vegas Summer Market. Prefer to meet us there? Book your personal appointment right here.

We’re Back! And You’re Almost Home.

LOGICDATA is back in Vegas for the Summer Market 2023! With our COSMO Line of adjustable bases – coupled with our game changing logistics services – we’ll be talking to people from far and wide about how they can bring bedtime adjustability into every home in the US.

That’s because LOGICDATA is about so much more than premium adjustable products. Our blend of attractive home furnishings and innovative shipping models makes it easy to sell our products – online or on Main Street.

In fact, if you’re a furnishings retailer on the North American market, You’re Almost Home. Here’s why:

Meet the COSMO Line

Our showroom in Las Vegas will again center around our incredible COSMO Line range of adjustable bases. With a bed to suit every budget and every need in terms of functionality, we can help you deliver the right frame, to the right customer, at the right price.

With full flexibility in price and performance, alongside clean, minimalist design, it’s easy to fall in love with the COSMO Line. Let’s meet the lineup:

  • COSMO Austin. Our heavy-duty frame can handle the heavy lifting. With a 1000 lbs weight limit, your customers gain extra peace of mind when it’s time for bed.
  • COSMO Sydney. Compact and clever, the COSMO Sydney has the smallest packaging on the market – and the lowest shipping cost. All sizes of the frame will fit into a single UPS/FedEx package. Need more functionality? Check out the COSMO Sydney Comfort, an upgraded frame with USB ports, underbed lighting and Bluetooth and app connectivity.
  • COSMO Vienna. As well as the standard COSMO Vienna platform – and its nightstand reach functionality – we’ll be showing the full-featured COSMO Vienna Luxe at the Summer Las Vegas Market. With features including Bluetooth and app connectivity, vibration massage and underbed lighting, it’s all the bed you need and more.

Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA North America, is looking forward to more interest in the COSMO Line following a hugely successful Las Vegas Winter Market earlier this year.

At the Winter Market, we saw an incredible amount of interest in each of the COSMO Line bases – it shows that it’s truly something for everyone. By offering different functionalities and price points – but uniting the range with our trademark style and quality – we’re able to find a solution that fits almost every retailer we meet.

The Perfect Package

The Las Vegas Market is a busy place – and the market for adjustable bases is fiercely competitive. However, we’ve got the secret ingredient to help the COSMO Line stand out from the crowd: our unique, innovative, packaging and logistics concept.

We know that when it comes to saving costs, size matters. A smaller package means more units per pallet and per container. With more pieces in each delivery, you can keep prices down, stock levels up, and your customers happy.

With the COSMO Sydney boasting the smallest packing of any adjustable at the Las Vegas market (although all frames are considerably more compact than comparable competitors), Matt Skinner, President for LOGICDATA North America, is hoping to cash in on a key USP.

Reducing shipping costs isn’t just important in the current uncertain times – it’s crucial for the future of the furniture industry. The COSMO Line, coupled with LOGICDATA’s unique packing and logistics concepts, is a solution that our customers can count on. We’re providing more value for their money than our competitors right now, enabling retailers to sell adjustable furniture at competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Domestic Inventory Program: Closer to Home

Although package size is important, even the smallest of boxes can get stuck if it’s being shipped halfway around the world. The solution? Bring the beds closer to home! The LOGICDATA Domestic Inventory Program ensures cost-effective delivery while reducing acquisition costs, lead times and risk for retailers, especially compared to FOB models.

With product stock in Michigan, we can ship just in time to wherever needed – single pieces via UPS or FedEx, pallets, truckloads, or full containers to stores and warehouses. There’s no need to worry about your beds getting stuck in customs, ports, or even the Suez Canal. Domestic Inventory makes your process more reliable – and much better value too, as LOGICDATA’s Kevin Walma, Quality Manager explains.

LOGICDATA’s Domestic Inventory Program is the perfect way to reduce acquisition costs for adjustable bases. It’s less risky, less expensive, and less time-consuming for our customers – and they love it because it helps them focus on the parts of their business that generate revenue, rather than worrying about supply.

Nightstand Reach? Ship It!

If you walk around the Las Vegas Market, you’ll find that there are plenty of adjustable bases with Nightstand Reach functionality (which keeps the user close to their bedside table as the adjust), and plenty that can be shipped in bulk… but none that do both. Except one: our very own COSMO Vienna Luxe.

This amazing combination of product functionality and logistics is perfect if you want the perfect blend of convenience and style. With the COSMO Vienna, it’s possible to fit as more than 250 bed frames into a single, 40ft container, more than double the numbers offered competitors, roughly around the 100-frame mark.

Thomas Loibner, Head of Product Management at LOGICDATA, explains the advantages in detail.

Nightstand reach is a sought-after feature in adjustable bed bases and, especially when you get to the higher end of the price scale, it’s simply a must have. However, our smart technology and design – which enables us to create such compact packaging – is changing perspectives here. It allows retailers to offer Nightstand Reach for less, which in turn creates a more attractive proposition for end consumers.

Join Us in Booth B958

Our booth at the 2023 Las Vegas Summer Market is designed to show you that you really can have the best of two worlds: the perfect adjustable bases for your online or physical shop, and the perfect way to ship them. It’s all waiting for you in Booth B958. Remember: You’re Almost Home.

You can visit LOGICDATA at the 2023 Las Vegas Summer Market in Booth B958. Prefer a personal appointment? Book your time slot here!