Home for the Summer: LOGICDATA and Dreamotion Return for the Las Vegas Summer Market 2024

July 2nd, 2024

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to head to Nevada for the 2024 Las Vegas Summer Market. From July 28 to August 1, 2024, you can visit both LOGICDATA and Dreamotion in Booth C1574: the perfect chance to explore our outstanding adjustable products and the unique benefits of our global network.

In this post, you’ll find more information about the technology on display, including the COSMO Line by LOGICDATA and Dreamotion’s Aquarius range. Going to the event? Book your personal appointment here and speak to an adjustable expert in Booth C1574.

LOGICDATA and Dreamotion: Products that Bring Adjustability Home

Following a hugely successful Winter Las Vegas market – the first in our joint showroom with Dreamotion – we’ll be continuing the conversation with US retailers about the benefits of our market-leading adjustables. While the Summer edition at the World Market Center is typically a more relaxed event than its winter counterpart, this provides the perfect setting to explore the benefits of LOGICDATA’s product range, as well as that of our sister brand.

For LOGICDATA, the COSMO Line will again take center stage, with exhibitions of the COSMO Sydney, COSMO Austin, and COSMO Vienna. On the other side of the showroom, Dreamotion will continue to market its ever-expanding Aquarius collection: focusing on the Aquarius 400. Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA, explains why an extended offering from two brands can only benefit retailers and the end customers they serve:

“More products mean more choice, which is why presenting the LOGICDATA and Dreamotion product ranges in the same showroom is a positive step for our customers. As sister brands, we can provide a wider variety of high-quality, customizable products to retailers, in addition to our service portfolio and global logistics networks.”

The COSMO Line by LOGICDATA: a Frame for Every Need

Since its launch, the COSMO Line by LOGICDATA has been a firm fixture at the Las Vegas Market: a complete package that provides the best way to add an adjustable base to your range.

By focusing on several key benefits for the retailers who sell them, the COSMO Line can help your business take advantage of the ever-increasing global trend toward ergonomic bedding. Likewise these USPs can help you avoid common pitfalls from other suppliers. With LOGICDATA, you’ll enjoy:

  • Best in class stability to help you ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and a high-quality feel.
  • E-commerce friendly concept to help online retailers succeed.
  • Smallest packaging on the market to ensure more space in your warehouses and containers.
  • Customization options to create the perfect adjustable base for your range.
  • Lowest shipping costs to maximize your margins and reduce price pressure.
  • Clean design for a modern, European feel.
  • Nightstand reach and other advanced functionality to cater for high-end consumers.

With a benefit-driven approach at the Las Vegas Market, the LOGICDATA team is confident about reaching a wider range of customers than ever before. Matt Skinner, President of LOGICDATA North America, explains why helping customers overcome common challenges together is the best way forward:

“Our goal is to combine products and services to create solutions that truly resonate with our customers. By focusing on a benefit-led, collaborative approach, we show that we understand the unique needs of the market and are committed to providing innovative, customizable products that help furniture retailers thrive.”

Meet the Products

With its tiered structure that provides the perfect entry point for every customer – both in terms of functionality and price – the COSMO Line always has a frame to meet your needs. In booth C1574, you’ll see the entire collection: the COSMO Austin, COSMO Sydney, and the COSMO Vienna Luxe.

COSMO Austin

We all need something to lean on, which is why the COSMO Austin has been built to excel at handling heavy loads. With a lifting capacity of 1250 lbs, the frame is among the most durable on the market today.

This added stability provides you and your customers an added layer of assurance during use, a major USP for retailers. The sense of safety and comfort is further enhanced with a number of additional features, including a Child Lock, Free-fall design, and an Emergency Lowering function.

COSMO Sydney

The COSMO Sydney is a compact adjustable base that boasts the market’s smallest packaging: conveniently fitting into a single UPS/FedEx box and enabling cost-effective shipping. This flexibility makes the product a consistent favorite in Vegas, providing endless options for online retailers. If you sell online, LOGICDATA can ship directly to your customers, saving you the effort and expense of organizing storage and delivery, or container ship to your warehouse instead.

If you’re attending the Las Vegas Market remember to check out our customized version of the COSMO Sydney. Along with advanced features including USB ports, under-bed lighting, and Bluetooth and app connectivity, there are numerous other options to explore.

COSMO Vienna Luxe

The standout of the LOGICDATA collection at this summer’s event is the COSMO Vienna Luxe, an adjustable base that offers it all. The frame boasts cutting-edge technology for smooth, quiet adjustments, including Bluetooth and app connectivity, vibration massage, under-bed lighting, and more.

The COSMO Vienna Luxe excels not only in the bedroom but also in the shipping container. It is the only shippable adjustable base with nightstand reach functionality, and its compactness allows over 250 bed frames to fit into a single 40ft container. This is more than double the capacity of our competitors, who typically manage around 100 frames, and can lead to noticeable savings over time.

Domestic Inventory Program: Bringing Benefits Closer to Home

Although the COSMO Line often takes the plaudits for its fine design and innovative feature set, the way in which we ensure timely, cost-effective shipping to our customers is equally important. The LOGICDATA Domestic Inventory Program is the solution to a variety of key pain points in the furniture industry, especially the rising cost and uncertainty of logistics.

Rather than add risk and expense to our customers with Free on Board shipping models from overseas, we stock products in Michigan. By being closer to where you need us, we’ll make just-in-time shipments to any destination: single pieces via UPS or FedEx, pallets, truckloads, or full containers to stores and warehouses. The result is lower acquisition costs, shorter lead times, and less risks for retailers. LOGICDATA´s Victor Baez explains what makes the program so appealing:

“We know our customers and what is important to them. When beds get caught up in customs, or get stuck in ports, it causes stress and financial strain. As well as offering more flexibility, the key benefit of the Domestic Inventory Program is peace of mind: enabling retailers to stay profitable without supply chain worries.”

Dreamotion: The Age of Aquarius

In parallel to the COSMO Line by LOGICDATA, Dreamotion will showcase its impressive range of adjustables to visitors at the Winter Las Vegas Market. In the Aquarius range, the Aquarius 100 features head lift adjustment, while the Aquarius 200 offers fully customizable head and foot adjustments – both featuring zero-clearance design.

However, the main focus will be on the Aquarius 400: the most powerful, feature rich, and comfortable bed frame in the selection. Alongside lumbar, neck, head and foot adjustability, the base features app control, and an optional audio system.

In addition to the frames themselves, Dreamotion’s strong emphasis on customization and remarkable potential for industrialization provides extra value to North American retailers. With production sites in the US, Europe, and Asia, the company can quickly respond to customer needs, creating endless unique variations of exceptional base products. Dan Sardina, Senior Vice President, explains why the Aquarius 400 has the potential to be a popular product at this summer’s event.

“The Aquarius 400 stands out as our most advanced model: by far the most impressive base we’ve made. In addition to the comfort provided by the base itself, time-saving and convenient features make it a top choice for those seeking the ultimate adjustable experience. Following excellent feedback from the Winter Las Vegas Market, we’re excited about the frame’s potential during the summer event.”

See You in Vegas

With so many incredible products — as well as services that make a difference to your business — there is something for everyone in the LOGICDATA-Dreamotion showroom at the 2024 Summer Las Vegas Market. We can’t wait to see you in Booth C1574!

Ready to explore? Book your private appointment before the show starts!