Another Successful Summer: Las Vegas Summer Market 2023 in Review.

August 17th, 2023

There’s nowhere quite like home – and the Las Vegas Market is a place where LOGICDATA is truly part of the furniture. The 2023 Las Vegas Summer Market was no different, as we once again brought the COSMO Line to familiar faces and new connections in the home furnishings business.

Read on to find out how our outstanding products and services were received at the show, as well as to hear unique insight from the LOGICDATA team on the ground in Nevada.

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Quieter, But Still Productive.

The Las Vegas Summer market is traditionally a more modest affair than its action-packed winter counterpart, but a quieter show has benefits too. Despite a slight downturn in traffic compared to the January event, the LOGICDATA team still found the show to be highly productive in terms of meeting new contacts and customers.

While the hallways and showrooms may have been more subdued, it didn’t diminish the success and positive outcomes achieved by LOGICDATA in Las Vegas this summer. In fact, it can even be a unique opportunity for a more personal way of doing business, as Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA North America explains.

A smaller number of attendees allows for more meaningful conversations and a greater chance for building genuine connections. With fewer distractions and a more intimate atmosphere, we could really focus on quality interactions – an approach that often leads to stronger partnerships and more successful business outcomes.

Keen Interest in the COSMO Line

Once again, we kept the focus of our exhibition on the remarkable COSMO Line range of adjustable bed bases – a winning formula that has proved popular at the market in previous shows. This summer, the COSMO Sydney Comfort and the COSMO Vienna Luxe – as well as the COSMO Sydney, COSMO Austin, and COSMO Vienna did not disappoint. In fact, they proved themselves as the perfect tools for retailers to deliver the right frame to their customers at the right price.

Together, the COSMO Line is a carefully crafted blend of flexibility, price, performance, and minimalist design. However, each base has its individual USPs…

…The COSMO Sydney is the adjustable with the smallest packaging on the market today, with all sizes of frame fitting into a single UPS/FedEx package.

…Meanwhile, with its 1000 lbs weight limit, the COSMO Austin provides unrivalled stability during adjustment, for extra peace of mind.

…Better yet, the COSMO Vienna is the only shippable adjustable with Nightstand Reach functionality, another remarkable achievement from the LOGICDATA R&D team.

Reflecting on the Summer Market, Kevin Walma, Quality Manager, is convinced that each bed in the COSMO Line represents a best-in-class offering for potential customers:

The individual features of each bed add to their appeal as a collection. Whether you’re looking for the best value in packaging, the most stability, or premium functionality like Nightstand Reach combined with full shipping convenience, the COSMO Line really does have it all. We have received more great feedback from retailers at the show, and we’re excited to build on that in the future.

The Full Package: All About Logistics

With the COSMO Line, creating memorable adjustable bases is only half of the job. Our customers are in a fiercely competitive market, which is why they turn to providers like LOGICDATA to give them the tools that will help them win the war on prices. In other words: it’s all about logistics.

While the beds themselves often take the headlines at the Las Vegas market, gains on shipping were central to our appeal at the 2023 Summer Market. That’s because LOGICDATA’s unique packaging and logistics concept is tailored precisely to the needs of furniture retailers, online and on Main Street.

By reducing shipping costs through a laser focus on smaller packages, we’re helping cut wastage and increase profit margins for our partners. At the Las Vegas summer market, we explained the unique advantages of the COSMO Line when it comes to maximizing space, effort and cost-effectiveness.

  • The COSMO Sydney, with its exceptionally compact packaging, emerged as a standout product, further differentiating our products from competitors. Every size of the frame is shippable via major carriers with no oversize charges, making it perfect for drop-shipping, pallet shipping, warehouse storage and more. From the user perspective, apartment-friendly handling is another major USP.
  • The COSMO Vienna stood out from other adjustable bases at the Las Vegas Market, offering a unique combination of nightstand reach functionality and the ability to be shipped in bulk. With the COSMO Vienna Luxe, retailers can fit over 250 bed frames into a single 40ft container – over double the number that customers can expect from competitors.

At the Summer Las Vegas market, conversations about logistics were both an excellent opportunity to promote the COSMO Line and a chance to learn about the challenges facing existing and potential customers. Matt Skinner, President for LOGICDATA North America, emphasized the importance of reducing shipping costs in furniture industry:

We believe that everything can be optimized – where there is waste, there is opportunity. Bulky packages that take up too much space in the warehouse, in the container, and cause overcharges with carriers like FedEx, aren’t something that customers simply need to accept. At the Summer Las Vegas Market, our customers could see the advantages of the COSMO Line: a reliable and cost-effective solution that delivers more value for their money than our competitors. The result is quality adjustable furniture that can be sold at competitive prices.

Home Furniture, Closer to Home

Another talking point at the 2023 Summer Las Vegas market was (once again) our Domestic Inventory Program. This is a key differentiator for LOGICDATA over our competitors, many of which rely on Free-on-Board shipping to bring beds to the US from overseas.

Our “Stateside” alternative is proving popular among furniture retailers based in North America – many of whom we met at the Las Vegas Market. By stocking products in Michigan, the program ensures cost-effective, reliable deliveries – which can’t be held up by international events or red tape in customs. This in turn leads to a reduction in acquisition costs, lead times, and risks for retailers.

Our focus on reliability and value resonated well with our visitors in Las Vegas, many of whom need a sustainable solution for overcoming supply chain worries in today’s ever-changing business climate. LOGICDATA’s Victor Baez, Key Account Manager explains the true value of keeping product stock close to home:

“In terms of benefits… it’s an easy sell, because it enables us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers. Who doesn’t want that? At the Las Vegas Summer Market, we could effectively communicate the benefits of the Domestic Inventory Program, especially as many potential customers have had poor experiences with international shipping. It’s another example of us listening to real-world problems and finding the best solution.”

A Bright Outlook

With the 2023 Las Vegas Summer Market now closed, the LOGICDATA team returns to our global offices with memories of a job well done: enthusiastic about the contacts made and the potential for future partnerships and collaborations.

Couldn’t join us? Whether or not you had the chance to attend the Las Vegas Summer Market, we’re always here to talk about our adjustable bed bases and unique logistics offerings. Get in touch via to learn more and find the perfect adjustable solution for your business.