Home Again: Las Vegas Winter Market 2023 In Review

February 9th, 2023

The show is over – and it has been a whirlwind few days in Las Vegas. The LOGICDATA team at the World Market Center has been hard at work during the 2023 Winter Las Vegas Market. Throughout the course of an exciting show, they have made new contacts, reinforced existing relationships, and picked up plenty of insight – some of which they’ve shared for this fascinating recap post.

Missed us at the 2023 Las Vegas Winter Market? E-mail sales.na@logicdata.net for more information on the COSMO Line and our adjustable base portfolio.

Our Message: No Place Like Home

The LOGICDATA team arrived in Las Vegas with a clear idea of the message they wanted to send to the market: There’s No Place Like Home. Our bi-annual exhibition was set up to convince retailers of the value provided by the COSMO Lineboth on Main Street and in the online world – as well as the associated benefits in logistics provided by our unique packaging and shipping options.
Key to the appeal of the LOGICDATA offering were the COSMO Vienna adjustable frame – the only shippable base with Nightstand Reach functionality – and our cost-saving Domestic Inventory Program. The latter shows that how retailers sell products is just important as the products they sell. Our latest innovation, which sees goods stored inside the US to reduce international shipping lead times, ensures lower acquisition costs against a backdrop of rising inflation worldwide.

According toDexter Weber, President, LOGICDATA North America, the messaging matched perfectly to the mood of the industry:

We were more or less spot on. There’s a huge emphasis on cost-effective shipping solutions across the market, so it’s good to have a selling point as powerful as the Domestic Inventory Program to present to potential customers.

Meeting the Market: LOGICDATA at the Show

Although traditionally a hub for the who’s who of the global furniture market, previous post-pandemic Las Vegas Markets have been slightly subdued in terms of attendance and foot traffic. However, the second day of the show, January 30, showed that the industry is back to its vibrant best – and we met with the very best the market had to offer.

While the LOGICDATA team had plenty of scheduled appointments to attend to during the show, it was great to welcome drop-in visitors too. Of course, such events aren’t solely about drumming up new business: alongside potential customers, our team was excited to renew acquaintances with our long-term partners and contacts. Jasmin Pinheiro, Head of Marketing, LOGICDATA, explains the importance of maintaining relationships.

It’s a great chance to exchange experiences. We love to update everyone on trends in the market and our updated portfolio. For existing customers especially, it always adds so much value to our day-to-day business when we take the chance to sit down together and discuss product needs. How else would we make products that they love?

With their striking, minimalist styling, the bed frames of the COSMO Line are always big attractions at the Las Vegas Market, and the 2023 Winter edition proved no exception. Although there’s a solid fan base across the range, the market favorites were the COSMO Sydney and COSMO Vienna models.

While targeted at different price points, the COSMO Sydney Comfort and the COSMO Vienna Luxe frames have certain key characteristics in common: an awesome packaging concept in addition to a solid balance between price and flexibility. For the more affluent end of the market, the COSMO Vienna has a nightstand reach function and other premium features – but maintains the same “one bed, one box” philosophy: a huge plus for retailers.

Johannes Gradwohl, VP of Corporate Services & Projects at LOGICDATA, is pleased that his pre-show optimism about the COSMO Vienna Luxe was backed up by its reception.

I mentioned before the show that nightstand reach (or wall-hugging) is a feature that retailers simply need to offer. It’s what the public wants. It was great to see that we’re meeting the needs of consumers, providing even more value to retailers with pragmatic options for shipping and storage. It does feel like we can enable our customers to sell better products with less fuss.

Part of the Family: LOGICDATA and Dreamotion

We began the show with the motto “No Place Like Home” – and one of our biggest findings from the 2023 Winter event is that no home is complete without family. We were delighted to team up with Dreamotion, our sister brand in the Jiecang group, and to approach the market with different, yet complementary product ranges.

With so many providers on the market, the ability to present a coherent product strategy – playing to the strengths of European quality and Asian industriousness – will be of growing importance as this blossoming relationship matures. Matt Skinner, Director of Sales, LOGICDATA North America explains where he sees the role of the Austrian side of the business in the relationship.

When we take the Dreamotion portfolio into account, it’s clear that we are able to serve the adjustable base market at every level. LOGICDATA is an important part of the overall picture: our European design portfolio covers the premium sector of the market, while our value-adding services, customization and outstanding technology make us a fantastic counterpart to the excellent Dreamotion range.

Hot Topics from Vegas

A quick look around the various showrooms at the Las Vegas market painted a portrait of a market in flux. The industry is experiencing change: with new product portfolios, rebranding, mergers, and acquisitions providing more choice for users than ever before – at a B2B and B2C level.

However, there is still plenty of space on the market for companies with genuinely innovative business models to thrive – and LOGICDATA counts among that number. Moving forward, the team expects that “cash & carry” solutions will form a bigger part of the market offering, but shipping options will remain relevant for the foreseeable future, likewise the popularity of ready-to-assemble furniture. Victor Baez, Key Account Manager, LOGICDATA North America offered his closing thoughts on the emerging trends from Las Vegas.

It all comes back to cost-saving, and the place where the most costs can be saved is in shipping. It’s where we can provide incredible value: economic logistics solutions through intelligent design and good business sense.

Missed us at the 2023 Las Vegas Winter Market? E-mail sales.na@logicdata.net for more information on the COSMO Line and our adjustable base portfolio.