Adjustability is Coming Home: Meet LOGICDATA and Dreamotion at the Winter Las Vegas Market 2024.

January 11th, 2024

From January 28 to February 1, 2024, we’ll be at the Winter Las Vegas Market… but we won’t be alone! Alongside our partners at Dreamotion, we’ve turned Booth C1574 into a showcase of our two incredible product ranges and the synergies between our brands.

Read on to find out more about our exciting new setup in Las Vegas – and how LOGICDATA and Dreamotion are ensuring that Adjustability is Coming Home. Don’t miss out! If you’re going to the event, you can book your personal appointment here.

LOGICDATA and Dreamotion: A Productive Partnership

A new year means a fresh new outlook for adjustable home furniture – and a brand new home for LOGICDATA in Las Vegas. Under the motto “Adjustability Comes Home,” the 2024 winter show sees us move in with our partners at Dreamotion: our sister home furniture brand in the JIECANG Group. This marks the next step in a strategic partnership that’s about far more than products.

That’s because the combination of LOGICDATA and Dreamotion – strengthened by the potential of the global JIECANG network – offers incredible potential to our customers. Not only are there now more outstanding products to choose from, our partners can benefit from the synergies that this connection provides, especially in terms of customization, production, and logistics. Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA is already looking forward to a huge step forward for a partnership that continues to blossom.

“It’s always special to be in Las Vegas, but our first shared showroom with Dreamotion will be an incredible experience for everyone involved – especially our customers, who can benefit from an extended product range and other key synergies. The joint exhibition is an outstanding example of our shared values and our goal to bring world-class adjustable furniture to every house and apartment in the US. Adjustability is coming home!”

Meet the COSMO Line by LOGICDATA

The partnership with Dreamotion will see both brands continue to market our successful range of adjustable bed bases. Similar to previous editions of the Las Vegas Market, we’ll be showcasing the ever-popular COSMO Line, which boasts a number of key features that can be game-changers for retailers across the US.

The COSMO Line has been created in a tiered structure: a sliding scale that provides flexibility in features and price points for customers. From no-fuss, minimalistic models, to full-featured luxury furnishings, you’ll be sure to find the LOGICDATA adjustable base that matches your needs. Let’s meet the lineup:

COSMO Austin

This robust frame excels at handling heavy loads – demonstrated by a weight limit of 1000 lbs. This added stability provides you and your customers an added layer of assurance during use, a major USP.

COSMO Sydney

The compact COSMO Sydney is the adjustable base with the market’s smallest packaging, fitting neatly into a single UPS/FedEx package. A blend of well-chosen features and economical shipping is sure to make the product a firm favorite in Vegas.

Don’t miss it: We’ll also be showing a customized version of the COSMO Sydney. As well as the potential for added functionality – including USB ports, under-bed lighting and Bluetooth and app connectivity – there are plenty more options for personalization to discover.

Product Highlight: COSMO Vienna Luxe

The highlight of the LOGICDATA collection at this winter’s event, the COSMO Vienna Luxe is the adjustable base that does it all. The frame features cutting edge tech to complement its smooth, quiet adjustment: Bluetooth and app connectivity, vibration massage, under-bed lighting, and much more.

However, the COSMO Vienna is a product that makes as much of a difference in the shipping container as it does in the bedroom. As the only shippable adjustable base with nightstand reach functionality, it’s possible to fit more than 250 bed frames into a single, 40ft container. That’s over double the numbers offered by competitors, which are roughly around the 100-frame mark. The LOGICDATA team in Las Vegas is expecting a good reception for the Vienna Luxe, as Matt Skinner, President of LOGICDATA North America, explains.

“The COSMO Vienna Luxe is our flagship product: not only an incredible adjustable base but an opportunity for our customers to capitalize on the unique advantages presented by a unique packaging concept. As the only adjustable base to feature nightstand reach in a shippable package, we’ve got a key advantage over our competitors.”

Meet Dreamotion

Alongside the COSMO Line, the Dreamotion range will provide visitors to the Winter Las Vegas Market greater choice than ever before: a lineup of groundbreaking products, including the eagerly anticipated Aquarius 400 and Aquarius 200.

With their strong focus on customization and incredible potential for industrialization, the Dreamotion team will continue to convince the US audience of the unique value of their brand. With production sites in the US (as well as Europe and Asia), Dreamotion can react rapidly to customer requirements, creating unlimited, unique variations of outstanding base products. These include:

  • Aquarius 100. Head lift adjustable with zero-clearance
  • Aquarius 200. Fully customizable head and foot adjustable with zero-clearance
  • Aquarius 400. Premium lumbar, neck, head and foot adjustable with zero-clearance, APP control, and option audio system

Dan Sardina, JIECANG Senior Vice President, explains the benefits of the range to retailers, as well as the importance of the collaboration with LOGICDATA.

“As a partnership, we know that the focus is to create product ranges that offer potential customers the greatest possible choice – and our potential for product customization simply adds even more choice to this selection. Our two brands are stronger together, and we’re strongest when each does what they do best: LOGICDATA is already widely known for its premium technology and European design, while Dreamotion’s flexibility and supply-side strength is a major selling point too. Together, we’re an incredible unit.”

Domestic Inventory Program: At Your Service

While the Dreamotion and LOGICDATA product ranges will be the most eye-catching displays at the 2024 Winter Las Vegas Market, our increasingly refined service portfolio is always a key talking point at the event – the solution to key pain points in the furniture industry, especially logistics.

The LOGICDATA Domestic Inventory Program is a key part of this landscape. Rather than add risk and expense to our customers with Free on Board shipping models from overseas, we stock products in Michigan. By being closer to where you need us, we’ll make just-in-time shipments to any destination: single pieces via UPS or FedEx, pallets, truckloads, or full containers to stores and warehouses. The result is lower acquisition costs, shorter lead times, and less risks for retailers. LOGICDATA´s Victor Baez explains what makes the program so appealing:

“We know our customers and what is important to them. When beds get caught up in customs, or get stuck in ports, it causes stress and financial strain. As well as offering more flexibility, the key benefit of the Domestic Inventory Program is peace of mind: enabling retailers to stay profitable without supply chain worries.”

See You at the Winter Las Vegas Market 2024!

Whether you’re a retailer online or on main street, there is something for everyone at the LOGICDATA-Dreamotion showroom at the 2024 Winter Las Vegas Market. If you’re attending, don’t miss your chance to explore both brands’ incredible range of products and services: it’s all waiting for you in Booth C1574.

Don’t miss out. Book your private appointment before the show begins!