Make Every Day Your Charter Day

November 7th, 2018

Adding Value  

Does your company have a mission statement, complete with a set of values it professes as an organization?  Better yet, do they actively and intentionally abide by it, or has it become part of the décor in your organization’s lobby – a welcoming display to visitors, but outdated and meaningless to the very folks that work there?

Real & Relevant

At LOGICDATA, our mission statement is as real and relevant as it gets; not only does it guide our daily work, but serves as the foundation for our company’s values.  These values are the focus on LOGICDATA’s annual “Charter Days,” – a dedicated time each year in which we reunite our 330 associates from around the globe, focusing on how we can strengthen and improve our work together.

This day-and-a-half gathering recalibrates us in a way that no Skype meeting, webinar, or “all employee e-blast” can ever achieve.  It is truly a shared experience that refuels our values and culture, and drives the collective ways we move forward in our quest to (r)evolutionize adjustable furniture.

Champion of Innovation

Charter Days is both structured and unstructured, with guest speakers sprinkled into the mix, challenging our thinking, some fun [no surprise!] collaboration activities, plenty of informal networking and remarks by LOGICDATA’s Founder Walter Koch – truly our company’s Champion of Innovation.  Our onsite “maker space,” the DaVinci Lab, remains open to all, for added inspiration.

Team members leave Charter Days both exhilarated and exhausted – the pace, synergies and rapid fire of new ideas is not for the faint of heart, but often cited as one of the most transformative opportunities of their career.  The mountain views of our Austrian Headquarters provides the perfect backdrop; a reminder of the strength of our foundation as a company and team.

It may seem like a tall order to always seek beyond the status quo, as the quest to continuously innovate is a driving focus of everything we do.  To that end, we covet curiosity seekers in our talent; individuals who are willing to “buck the trend” and identify new processes, products and solutions in order to benefit the industry, and our clients.

All of many hours of planning that goes into Charter Days is more than realized by the fresh thinking and new ideas that ultimately and continuously emerge, reminding us that the sum is truly greater than its individual parts.


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