The Show Goes On – NeoCon 2021 Review

October 12th, 2021

It’s… over. We’ve taken down our booth, packed our bags, and left Chicago – and this year’s extraordinary NeoCon 2021 – behind us. It was one of the most important weeks in the history of LOGICDATA, marked by the introduction of the LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop. However, we’re not going back to “normal”. Our biggest ever launch was just the start of a whole new journey for LOGICDATA, and we’re excited to have you on board for it! In this post, we look back at the incredible events at NeoCon 2021, showcase some of our new products, and introduce LOGICx – the virtual showroom experience that makes it tradeshow season every day of the year.

Setting Up Shop

Our main objective for NeoCon 2021 was clear from the start: introduce the all-new LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop to the world. After over two decades producing components for height-adjustable systems, our brave leap into lifting columns and lifting frames was sure to make waves at the show. With this in mind, LOGICDATA North America President Dexter Weber was on hand to analyze every product, every component, and every demonstration we wanted to show at this year’s NeoCon. In the end, he was pleased with how things went.

On the night before the show, I was confident we had done everything in our power to launch the LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop in style… although you can never really be sure until you’ve seen reactions in person. The incredible response to our new commercial direction convinced me that we’re going the right way. Our decades of experience in height-adjustable furniture innovation has allowed us to create new products that stand out, providing flexibility and differentiation within the market. LOGICflex X created the most buzz, I think due to its simple assembly and beautiful design. The new direction was very well received and will be the start of a bold new era for the LOGICDATA team. Dexter Weber, President, LOGICDATA North America

During the event itself, there there was a steady stream of visitors to the booth, each keen to see the best that LOGICDATA had to offer. Our guests asked questions, explored the exhibits, and even tried epic products – like the new, four-leg LOGICflex X – for themselves. A mid-show media event, hosted in conjunction with Business of Furniture magazine, also helped raise the profile of our booth. Mario Neuhold (Key Account Manager & Sales Development), was enthusiastic about how the One-Stop-Shop was received by existing customers, potential clients, and industry media.

Thanks to the hard work of our team on-site, as well as close cooperation with our partners, we made a great first impression in Chicago. I’m excited for a bold new future with LOGICDATA and our existing clients and partners – after NeoCon, I’m sure there’ll be a few new ones too. Mario Neuhold, Key Account Manager & Business Development, LOGICDATA

Introducing Our New Products

Of course, an empty showroom won’t impress anyone, which is why we filled our booth to the brim with the latest and greatest projects in the LOGICDATA collection. This included several new products in new product areas, but the future already looks extremely promising. We are confident that in our key core business areas – lifting frames, lifting columns, lifting components, and adjustable bases – we can now boast a product range that will challenge anything on the market today.

Missed the show? Here are the LOGICDATA products you absolutely need to know.


The new LOGICflex family is our first-ever collection of complete adjustable frames, each component developed and produced by the Global LOGICDATA Network. Although each of the four frames in the family is sleek, powerful and practical in equal measure, one stands out above the rest: the striking, four-leg LOGICflex X. This powerful adjustable, driven by the endlessly-flexible DYNAMIC MOTION system, is the beautiful face of the LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop. It certainly provided the “wow factor” for plenty of show-goers at NeoCon.

Did you know? The entire LOGICflex family is perfect for commercial distribution, online channels, and direct-to-customer retail. Our simple assembly and innovative logistics are a perfect combination that your customers are sure to love.


When Marlene Dietrich said: “the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them,” she clearly wasn’t talking about the all-new LOGICleg range, which debuted at NeoCon this year. That’s because with LOGICleg, we’ve achieved the stability and the style that helps manufacturers to create epic single- and dual-stage adjustable desk designs. Whether you’re interested in thick-end-up or thick-end-down applications, there’s a LOGICleg for every occasion.

Did you know? The LOGICleg range – available in four shapes and three off the shelf colors – offers plenty of scope for customization. You can go even further with technical customization possibilities, such as the choice of drive system, color, and foot shape.


Over the last two decades, we’ve created some of the most innovative components ever fitted to adjustable office and home office furniture. By refining our component range as part of the LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop, we’re continuing our proud tradition and helping clients all around the world bring motion to the lives of their customers. The DYNAMIC MOTION system remains a cutting-edge, integrated adjustable system that brings incredible driving performance, great value for money and simplified setup to a vast array of desk designs.

Did you know? The high-performance, brushless motor technology in the DYNAMIC MOTION system’s actuators can ensure a smoother driving experience, reduced component wearout, and quieter drive dynamics.

Into the Future – LOGICx

The LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop is all about vision: the vision to bring cutting-edge adjustable products to the world, anytime, anywhere. This ambition is the driving force behind LOGICx, our virtual showroom experience, which we have revamped to coincide with the successful completion of NeoCon 2021.

LOGICx is so much more than a dry website or a dog-eared brochure. This fully-interactive virtual showroom experience is custom made to analyze your needs and match you with the LOGICDATA product that meets your requirements exactly. Once you’ve looked around the showroom and generated your LOGICx shortlist, all you need to do is submit and we’ll be right in touch to give you all the details.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of the holistic LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop? Go to and start your virtual showroom experience today.