REST ASSURED, We’re Waking Up the Status Quo

April 23rd, 2018

By David Saltsman, Director, Business Development, North America

Spend a couple of minutes on any given day watching TV, and you’ll likely see a commercial or several hawking the next-best mattress out there.

While manufacturers run the gambit with dynamic mattress choices and selections, at LOGICDATA, much of the work in our LOGIC HOME business unit, specifically with adjustable bed frames, involves products and technology that are intentionally hidden from plain view. You can’t really see many of our features. And that’s by design.

This is just one of our many unique approaches to redefining the “status quo” in the adjustable frame market, and it’s gaining notice by both customers and the media. See stories here: Furniture Today and Sleep Retailer.

Solving Functional & Design Challenges

In fact, we began creating what is now our new SILVER Series adjustable bases several years ago through extensive R&D, including examining the other choices on the market. Our team enthusiastically agreed that LOGICDATA’s DNA – its technology and world-class innovation – could reimagine some of the functional and design challenges inherent in these bases.

Among the first order of business involved ways to create a secondary use for the base; specifically, our team looked at options from every angle possible to bolster the base’s overall value. This led us to reconfigure the underside of the base, creating instant storage. Many adjustable bases on the market do not include adequate under-bed storage. With our SILVER Series, under-bed storage is now a convenient reality.


We’ve also moved all of the technology responsible for adjusting the frame into a small and discreet area, keeping the frame’s underside clear and uncluttered. Next up, we brought a clean and modern look to the side rails, allowing the frame the ability to adapt to a variety of rooms/styles by adding side rails.

Maybe you like the versatility of changing up a room’s look. The SILVER Series can command the room as a stand-alone, modern European style frame, or you can easily add one of the shroud options or drop into an existing bedframe to match a current furniture set. Think beautiful wood tones and patterns to bring an instant look that’s all your own.

Finally, and not any less importantly, is how we’ve made our adjustable frames a breeze to get them to your door, via common carrier options like UPS shipping. For instance, many bases on the market are challenged with deliveries to apartment dwellers – the base is not easy to haul up flights of stairs, especially those with tight or narrow turns. Our engineers worked on a solution that would construct and package the base into two main sections, allowing for an ideal shipping/delivery approach.

From Delivery to DONE!

The best part? Less than 30 min., on average, to go from a SILVER Series delivery to DONE, and up & ready in your home — and ready for more personalized options like wireless remote control functions, wall keeping and even Bluetooth connectivity.

The next time you’re considering an adjustable bed frame, rest assured, there’s the status quo…or an innovative approach. The choice is all yours.

Want to learn more about the SILVER Series? Contact David Saltsman, Director, Business Development at