January 11th, 2018

Amazon. Uber. Tesla. Nearly everywhere you turn, there’s an industry, product or service in the midst of a complete disruption or reinvention – from transportation to delivery.  And more often than not, technology is fueling these changes.

Even Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza delivery chain, has publically stated that it is repositioning itself not around its pizza product, but rather technology.  In fact, it’s safe to say we’re witnessing one of the most significant technological eras of our time; its reach and scope dramatically impacting everything from the home to the office and everything in between.

For a global technology-based company like LOGICDATA, we’ve been doing more than merely observing this shift –we’ve been actively leading technological-driven innovations impacting “motion for life” since our company’s founding 21 years ago.


That’s when engineer-turned-entrepreneur Walter Koch founded LOGICDATA, and began tinkering with what in 1999 would become the office furniture’s first freely programmable control unit for adjustable furniture.  Over the past two decades, innovation after innovation has followed with revolutionary products such as the first control box for height-adjustable desks, the slimmest inline actuator, and our award-winning LOGIClink, which provides communication and customization of the user’s work environment with total movement control.


For LOGICDATA, technology truly is our DNA.  It’s our core expertise that differentiates our approach to innovation, and ultimately how we [r]evolutionize motion furniture by working hand-in-hand to see what others do not, and developing new technology-based ideas and applications.  Over half of our nearly 300 employees are devoted to research and development, each looking for new ways to create the future of adjustability.

No Silos Here

At our world headquarters in Deutschlandsberg, Austria, you can see this transformation of technology ideation first-hand through our very open culture and approach to collaboration and co-creation.  Technology and its applications and impacts are continually studied, vetted and considered.  And technologies pioneered during the innovation process become the springboard for other projects, as well as deeper research and development into defining the future of powered adjustability. There are no silos here – literally or figuratively.

“The best way I can express this is that we are constantly evolving in our thinking, our work, our results, our solutions,” said Thomas Platzer, LOGICDATA’s Innovation Manager“We learn and evolve in our thinking through experimentation, including understanding why and how things work – as well as why some things do not work.” This approach frees us to focus on innovating for the greater good.

So, what does this process look like?


Concepts & Contradictions

Platzer describes it as a continuous analysis of trends, concepts and contradictions from near and far, as well as talking to customers, seeking out conventional and unconventional sources, and looking at the future of how individuals live and work globally.

“We look at interactions, behaviors and ways environments at work and home are changing, the needs associated with those changes, as well as the inspirations and inputs for those changes.  Then we look at the products needed to help solve the problems,” he said.  “We want to enterprise for our customers, with technology as the driver” added Johannes Gradwohl, LOGICDATA’s CEO.

Stefan Lukas, Chief Technology Officer for LOGICDATA, echoes this sentiment; “We set our bar higher…it’s our extraordinary team spirit that leads to creativity and innovation.”

Case in point; the key principle of our LOGIC OFFICE business unit is the creation of intelligent furnishings that move to provide an ergonomically promotive work environment. It’s here where electronic and mechatronic systems come to life, along with embedded software for office furniture. Our solutions bring about new levels of adjustability, usability and design for a real human-centered workspace.

One of the most advanced fusions of innovation and technology is underway in our LOGIC HOME business unit, as we have identified new ways of providing movement and control for the home, by combining ergonomic solutions with the highest level of comfort.

This approach takes us to the global launch of LOGICDATA’S new SILVER Series, a groundbreaking adjustable base/bed frame that is reinventing adjustable bed technology, design and function.  We’ll officially debut SILVER Series this month at LAS VEGAS MARKET 2018, the world’s largest gathering of home furnishing suppliers.  If you’re heading that way, stop by our booth and see the innovation first-hand.

“Creating the `unexpected’ is a state of mind at LOGICDATA that guides product development – it is at the core of how we innovate,” said Steve Miskelley, president of LOGICDATA North America.

“We are curious to find ways to make a difference and show how we care.”

And technology continues to lead the way.