August 27th, 2019

Food for thought. Thought for innovation. Innovation for leadership. At LOGICDATA, everything is connected. Not only the electronic and mechatronic systems that define our exciting product range, but also the ways in which wellbeing at work can directly influence our creativity and performance.

The LOGIC Kitchen fuels the fires of the (r)evolution

At our Deutschlandsberg headquarters, where research and development teams battle tirelessly on the front lines of a fiercely competitive adjustable industry, the LOGIC Kitchen fuels the fires of the (r)evolution by ensuring our march towards market leadership isn’t made on an empty stomach. A close-knit team of talented, hardworking culinary creators utilize their considerable craft and ingenuity to serve up a fresh menu at our in-house restaurant every day.

Three separate options are provided, with vegetarian dishes, soups, and a salad bar satisfying the most varied of palates. The vast majority of LOGICDATA employees choose to eat their lunchtime meal in-house – the costs of which are largely subsidized by the company – creating a homely, communal atmosphere in which all employees are encouraged to socialize and network among their peers.

LOGICDATA Chef Raphael Pilko picks up the story: “Lunchtime at LOGICDATA is a genuinely unique experience that presents a special set of challenges for the entire LOGIC Kitchen team. We all work together: planning each day’s food sometimes weeks in advance, analyzing the feedback from our employees, and of course preparing the midday meal with care and love.”

With anywhere between 150 and 200 mouths to feed, the workload is sometimes immense, but Pilko insists the effort is always worth it in the end: “Looking out from the kitchen over the restaurant reminds me why I love what I do. The dinner table breaks through boundaries, it topples hierarchies, it opens doors: it keeps the company open to ideas that are as fresh as our ingredients and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.”

Why should health-conscious living
be limited to the 9 to 5?

LOGICDATA thrives not only because of the people inside its walls, but those outside as well. By sourcing ingredients for the kitchen from suppliers close to our Styrian home, we oxygenate the lifeblood on which the Green Heart of Austria survives. Further afield, the company’s partnership with Circle Products – a fair-trade coffee vendor that supports the development of underprivileged coffee-producing regions across the world through direct trade – provides added warmth to every drink consumed.

The success of the happiness-focused working day gives rise to further interesting questions: Why should health-conscious living be limited to the 9 to 5? Why not give employees the chance to take high-quality organic foodstuffs home with them? At LOGICDATA, we do. Our FRESHBOX initiative is an innovative in-house organic market that aims at carrying the LOGIC Spirit far beyond the threshold of the company. As well as saving time and money that would otherwise be spent in the supermarket, the FRESHBOX ensures that employees don’t just take delicious ingredients home with them: they bring the values of good nutrition, social responsibility, and eco-mindedness back to their families as well.

Health, however, is more than just what we eat.

At LOGICDATA, our commitment to the wellbeing of each and every employee puts equal value on social and mental wellbeing as it does the physical aspect.

A key part of this philosophy is the continual focus on work-life balance: a vital consideration in any high-performance business. Almost all LOGICDATA employees enjoy the benefits of flexi-time all year round, allowing them to schedule their work around their private lives, but the summer of 2019 witnessed a radically progressive new step towards the integration of employees’ professional and family lives into an ultra-modern working environment.

An initiative of COO Jörg Schweiger, the LOGICDATA summer camp was a month-long program in which employees’ children were invited to take part in a unique, multicultural youth gathering, hosted inside the company itself. The camp not only provided valuable childcare services for busy parents during the school break, but also allowed for precious child-parent time throughout the working day, boosting morale and strengthening the cognitive bonds between the family and the office.

The children benefitted greatly from the presence of hand-picked pedagogic experts, whose wide-ranging entertainment program provided both mental stimulation and well-earned fun: excursions to local attractions, adventures in the garden and grounds around campus, and bounces through the inflatable adventure park contributed to the formation of terrific childhood memories for all involved.

The natural curiosity of the children sometimes led them to unexpected faces, places, and things, as they mingled happily in the crowds at lunch and break times, bringing joy and a little love to each employee they passed along the way. The presence of so many smiling, happy faces in the company had a noticeable positive effect on many LOGICDATA employees, even those without children of their own.

Karin Oswald, Head of Human Resources, was particularly taken by the company’s younger guests. “It was a truly amazing month at LOGICDATA, possibly my favorite in the 10 years I have worked at the company. We made a conscious decision to treat the children as our equals and our friends, and they repaid us with priceless inspiration and warmth; affirming our key values of respect, openness, and kindness to all. They were an example we could all learn from, and I can honestly say that I think everyone here in Deutschlandsberg took a little something from the camp.”

Motion is not just our work: it is our lives.

Oswald’s HR team is central to many of the extra-curricular benefits that LOGICDATA employees enjoy, by virtue of the company’s Benefit Card, a document that provides all team members with the chance to expand the horizons of their private lives in the locality. From company-sponsored dance lessons, fitness programs at local gyms, and free football, tennis, and volleyball participation for all employees, the company ensures that motion is not just our work: it is our lives.

Project Manager Matej Filipović labels himself a true believer in the firm’s principles: “At LOGICDATA, it isn’t just an employee-employer relationship: it is an entire ecosystem that influences the lives of a huge number of stakeholders in and around the company. Everyone here understands that. We take nothing for granted, and our holistic approach to our surroundings guarantees our continual success. The future, as well as the present, is bright.”

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