Time to Bang the [real] gong!

January 24th, 2018

Every company or organization has its own unique culture, showcased by the various and individual ways it celebrates its associates, and celebrates progress and success.

At LOGICDATA, one of our special traditions involves “banging a [real] gong,” to telegraph an extraordinary milestone or occurrence.  The deep and resonating tones of the gong certainly cause everyone to take notice, and that’s the goal – to bring our associates together to partake in an incredible moment in our global organization’s 21-year-history.

In fact, you’ll find gongs at each of our locations – from our headquarters in Deutschlandsberg, Austria, to our North American headquarters in Grand Rapids, Mich.; it’s truly a symbol of our culture.

That’s why when it came time to plan the official launch of our newest LOGIC HOME innovation, it didn’t seem right to do so without one of our beloved gongs!

On Sunday, Jan. 28, at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, at the Las Vegas Market 2018 – the world’s largest gathering of furniture, home décor and gift market specialists, developers, retailers and thought leaders, LOGICDATA will celebrate the global launch of the SILVERstandard, our company’s groundbreaking new, adjustable base developed to (r )evolutionize the bedroom through innovation, functionality and design – all in one.

And we’ll do so by banging the gong in our new, permanent showroom (B-954), together with members of the media and customers who may also be at the Las Vegas Market.  Want to join us?  Just email david.saltsman@logicdata.net to reserve your spot.

Not planning to be in Vegas on the 28th?  Don’t worry; you can join us in the showroom real-time through Facebook live;  just follow our page at [click] and be a part of this great milestone, as well as a few sneak peeks as we go behind the scenes to share in this experience.  Just make sure you turn up the volume on your mobile device, so you get your true Gong Fix!