We (r)evolutionize the future’s office workspace

April 12th, 2018

Today‘s workspace is changing just as quickly as the technology that supports it. Modern communication allows employees to be more flexible and work-off site, meaning companies could have a lot of unused space in their offices if they allocate a desk for each person.

A new trend called hot-desking is taking place right now and helps companies to use their workspaces more efficiently in order to save costs. At these companies hot-desking employees are not assigned a permanent desk, they have to find and reserve one when needed. That means much of the wasted space can be eliminated by having many open workspaces. LOGICDATA is proud to help lead this trend with our LOGIClink, a communication hub designed to make office spaces more efficient and intelligent.

At LOGICDATA North America, we recently had the opportunity to show how we are changing and shaping the future’s office workspace with our LOGIClink on a TV series called ‚Inside the Blueprint by Office Spaces’. Office Spaces focuses on upcoming innovative technology and trends in the work environment and airs on Fox Business channel. See here how we can connect your office to the future: