January 22nd, 2019


In the coming days, Winter 2019 Las Vegas Market (LVM) will once again convene the largest gathering of mattress and bedding producers in the world, with an equal amount planning a plethora of major product introductions and innovations.

And within this incredible, multi-story cascade of people and products, a first-ever CEO summit on bedding will take center stage on January 28 from noon until 1:30 p.m., with Johannes Gradwohl, CEO of LOGICDATA, Jay Thompson, President of Leggett & Platt, Martin Rawls-Meehan, founder and CEO of Reverie and Phil Sherman, President of Customatic.

Forecasting Adjustables

Moderated by David Perry, executive editor of Furniture Today, the summit brings together
C-Suite thought and industry leaders on 2019 forecasts and trends for motion and adjustables within the bedding category.

In a recent article Perry referred to the adjustable bed base category as “a rising star in the bedding marketplace, giving retailers higher tickets and giving consumer greater levels of product satisfaction.” He also notes he’s “looking forward to getting the predictions and insights of adjustable bed base leaders as the industry gathers for January Las Vegas Market, the official launch platform for major introductions for 2019.”

Unprecedented Conversation

Gradwohl, who brings more than 13 years industry experience, is excited to share his thoughts as part of the roundtable; “This really will be an unprecedented conversation to benefit the entire industry and we’re honored to share our expertise.”

Part of that expertise can be found in LOGICDATA’s introduction of its SILVERlite, an extraordinary new adjustable base option, optimized for eCommerce. The SILVERlite follows the 2018 introduction of the SILVERstandard, an off-the-shelf adjustable base for omni-channel options and the first in LOGICDATA’s SILVER Series.

Disruptive Distribution Solution

The SILVERlite provides a direct response to the growing e-commerce sector’s need for a high-volume base offering lowest shipping costs, private label/customization, premium stability, and quick and easy assembly for maximum customer convenience. For retailers, the SILVERstandard provides a unique distribution model allowing both e-retailers and traditional retailers more flexibility, both in-store, and through their online channels.

No question, Gradwohl will be providing perspective on the “disruptive distribution solutions” needed for the e-commerce sector and LOGICDATA’s approach.

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