Motion for
Your Life

Our Mission

At LOGICDATA, we believe in motion. For every market, every business, everywhere, innovation is the core of our vision. We’re your trusted partner, providing customer-focused, mechatronic solutions across multiple market segments. Since 1997, we’ve developed the technology that moves your world. Now, with decades of experience behind us, we’re utilizing our core competencies to create highly-reliable, sustainable products that make a difference in your industry.

Our Core

LOGICDATA technology has the power to bring motion to every market segment. With our strong R&D focus, we’re known worldwide for our reliable, sustainable product range – and our ability to customize those products precisely to your requirements. However, our strength is more than just our technology. When you choose LOGICDATA, you choose operational excellence with a flexible global supply chain and regional production: the ideal ingredients for long-term success.

Our Values

As a spiritual home for the inquisitive, the courageous, and the young-at-heart, LOGICDATA provides talented professionals worldwide the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of their abilities. Within the global LOGICfamily, we work together according to four key principles.

Excellence & Perseverance

We go further where others stop. Our minds are in motion, our hearts inspired by innovation, our souls committed to the development technology that changes the world for the better.

Creativity & Innovation

At LOGICDATA, we see what others do not see. Our products and services reflect the people who create them – outstanding individuals who together form a formidable, unified power.

Responsibility & Enthusiasm

We nurture meaningful relationships with our customers through responsibility, commitment, and dedication. Everything we do is performed with purpose, conscientiousness and care.

Teamwork & Partnership

LOGICDATA is stronger when we contribute to a common goal. We work tirelessly for our partners: pushing the boundaries as we create motion technology that moves businesses forward.

Our History

We’ve spent decades researching and developing the world’s most popular furniture products. The numbers speak for themselves: we’ve built 2 million tables, produced 4 million drives, and sold an incredible 13 million control boxes. Our technology is unique – with over 100 registered patents, we guarantee that every component, in every system, is the very best it can be.

Environment and Certificates

At LOGICDATA, we believe our commitment to motion can make the world a better place, improving the lives of every individual who uses our products. We act sustainably and with respect to our community and the world that surrounds us. Our environmental policies and external certification serve as testament to our commitment to safety, security and the wellbeing of others.


We welcome your contribution to credibility, trust and compliance.

We trust our employees and business partners – and take rules and laws seriously.

Where you uncover a suspected criminal offense or a violation of laws you can contribute to rebuilt credibility, trust and compliance. Employees or business partners of LOGICDATA can either report directly to LOGICDATA or use Easywhistle to report suspected criminal offenses or a violation of laws.

Jiecang Code of Conduct

As an international company, the Jiecang Group operates in compliance and abides by high standards of business conduct and ethics. We strive to create a work environment that promotes respect, responsibility and integrity, and value for all our employees, customers and other stakeholders. Jiecang Group maintains and further develops transparent policies and practices that guide us in a unified manner in responding to the challenges our business faces locally and globally. Developing the requirements of this Code of Conduct is a dynamic and continuous process with ongoing improvement efforts.