Is Coming

From July 28 to August 1,
Adjustability is Coming Home.

Going to the Summer Las Vegas Market 2024?

Visit LOGICDATA and Dreamotion in showroom C1574.

Find out to find out how our adjustable bed bases can bring your business closer to the homes of your customers.  

Visiting LOGICDATA, you’ll meet the stars of the COSMO Line. With the COSMO Austin, COSMO Sydney, and COSMO Vienna – plus the full-featured COSMO Vienna Luxe – you can offer the right bed, at the right price, to every home in the US. Yet partnering with LOGICDATA is about so much more than products:

Looking to save on delivery costs? Look no further. With the COSMO Line, we’ve got the smallest packaging on the market with the lowest shipping costs.

Want flexibility, shorter lead times, and lower risk than FOB? With our Domestic Inventory Program, you can secure cost effective delivery even when prices on the market rise.

Need all the features and cost-effective shipping? Try the only shippable adjustable with Nightstand Reach. With the COSMO Vienna, you’ll get over 250 bed frames in a 40ft container.

All this and more at the Las Vegas Market. Join us. Adjustability is Coming Home.