Tomorrow was yesterday.

Introducing LOGIClink: a connectivity hub for the human-centered workspace, designed to deliver maximum flexibility at work.  LOGIClink boasts visionary features for facility managers that provide an excellent solution to the post-COVID regulations – including interfaces that provide real-time desk occupancy data and form the basis for an interactive desk booking system –  combined with a new generation of fully interactive adjustable desk systems. In short, LOGIClink is the first act in the revolution of intelligent office design.

LOGIClink Personal

Stand and deliver.

You’ve seen the headlines: sitting is the new smoking. But there is still hope. At LOGICDATA, we have the tools to challenge the growing issue of wellbeing in the workplace. Whether it’s through LOGIClink Personal Standard’s extensive feature set for flexible workspaces or LOGIClink Personal Lite’s simplified connectivity system, we put you back in control of your wellbeing at work, giving you the office your body deserves.

By taking advantage of our superior adjustable systems to reduce joint and muscle pressure throughout the day, using our desk booking function to find the ideal desk in a coworking space, or experiencing the incredible MOTION@work and WORK@MOVE apps, your perfect office has never been closer.

It’s time for change. It’s time for LOGIClink Personal.

LOGIClink Corporate

Striking the Balance.

Creating high-quality working time for your staff has never been so important. However, the cold reality of the business world is never far away. A lack of office space is a massive concern for rapidly growing companies, especially in major tech hub cities, where prices for rents and leases are raging out of control.

We want to ask you: why can’t you have it all? An office space that ensures the health and comfort of your employees with LOGICDATA’s renowned adjustable systems. An occupancy monitoring system that can save your money by minimizing wasted office space. An ultra-compatible solution that fits seamlessly into a vast array of existing facility management systems.

The answer is infinite flexibility. The answer is personalization without compromise. The answer is LOGIClink Corporate.

A Beautiful Future.

If we are going to live in the future, then it should be a beautiful one. The LOGICDATA formula is renowned worldwide for its burning commitment to magnificence in design. With LOGIClink, we combine the immense practical advantages of a revolutionary product for the modern workspace with an outstanding design that will complement any office environment. This isn’t just our opinion. LOGIClink won Interior Design Media’s HiP Award for Design in Technology at NeoCon 2016. Its sleek and subtle design allows the hardware to be placed discreetly underneath the desk, while the responsive ergonomic buttons can be used to adjust the table height without the need for an external device. At LOGICDATA, we don’t just (r)evolutionize adjustable furniture: we do it with style.

A New Normal. A New Solution.

The world will return to work after COVID-19, but the world of work itself will be a very different place: flexible tools and intuitive solutions will be key to our long return to a physical office presence. LOGIClink offers a modern, easy-to-implement solution that efficiently deals with the challenges of the post-COVID office. Its intelligent feature set facilitates smart social distancing, ensures minimal surface contact, and provides resiliency to effective cleaning agents.


Hands-free use: Wireless desk control via the MOTION@work app reduces the risk of infection from shared surfaces.

Desk booking: Hardware solution for desk-booking systems that can effectively maintain social distancing.

Cleanability: Robust design facilitates cleaning with agents that can eliminate COVID-19.

Embrace the future.

Discover what LOGIClink can do for you.

LOGICLink Personal

LOGICLink Corporate


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