It's more than a table.

The perfect adjustable product is more than a collection of components: it is a journey that transforms ideas to reality. With LOGICservice, we accompany you in every step of the product journey, adding our unique resources and expertise to your development process to help you create the ultimate adjustable experience for your customers.



The sound of success. In recent years, system noise has become an indispensable consideration for buyers of adjustable furniture across the world. The quieter your system runs, the greater its value to the market will be. In our industry-leading sound chamber, our ergonomic experts test and analyze the entire noise spectrum for your products, suggesting optimizations based on scientific and psychological influences.


Top of the table performance. Who benefits most from our two decades’ experience creating the best-performing adjustable systems in the business? You do. Each customer system is tailored precisely to the needs of our customers: from specifics in power and efficiency to specialized parameters in our patented collision detection systems. Tell us what you want. We’ll make it happen.



The test of excellence. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is one of the most vital elements in the design of modern mechatronic systems and a vital step in ensuring product compliance and safety. By using our in-house anechoic chamber, you can iron out the issues in your product before it is sent for testing and certification, ensuring a higher rate of first-time test passes and saving you time and money.


Stand out from the crowd. Your products define how your brand is perceived, which is why distinctive styling for user-facing elements is a vital step on the road to success. Whether you’re adapting our existing products, developing brand-new components, or adding a personal touch to our white-labeled apps and web solutions, we’ve got you covered.