Built for OEMs Like You.

Are you in the business of creating outstanding height-adjustable desks? Don’t settle for square pegs in round holes. With the OPTIMUS Program by LOGICDATA, you get full customization, full flexibility, and full control over every height-adjustable desk in your range.

We offer you the chance to use our technology, services and expertise to create products stamped with your DNA. Our modular system enables you to choose exactly how your height-adjustable desk should look like and work like – all the way to how it will be assembled, shipped and delivered.

Ready for perfectly-fitting technology that gives you perfectly-satisfied customers? Don’t just optimize your next height-adjustable desk. OPTIMUS it.


For OEMs, time on the assembly line is money. With the OPTIMUS Frame, you’re just minutes away from a height-adjustable desk that just… clicks.  Our easy-to-assemble components help your business get where it needs to go, faster.


Your height-adjustable desk is the face of your OEM’s brand, which is why the OPTIMUS Frame is built to impress. Four column designs – all with custom colors and foot design – mean that style can always be adapted to taste.


Whatever your height-adjustable desk needs to be, our premium technology can make it happen. Plug & Play modularity for every component – alongside hidden cabling and electronics – means flexibility and style combined.


It’s so much more than just products. Choose between bulk packaging for maximum logistics efficiency, or a pre-assembled, eCommerce-friendly height-adjustable desk frame that brings unbeatable convenience to your customer.

Adjusted to OEM’s

Dreaming of creating the perfect height-adjustable desk frame from scratch? The OPTIMUS Program promises endless customization for your OEM – and it means it too.

Use the OPTIMUS configurator to experiment with different technology, designs, and use cases until you find the perfect solution for your range. Once you’re done, we’ll get in touch to talk you through exactly how we can make it happen.

Selling B2B…

Don’t let the money you spend on logistics eat into your profit margins. Choose the OPTIMUS Program’s bulk packaging option, perfect for OEMs with a focus on in-house production. Our carefully-optimized products are designed to ensure as many pieces per pallet – and per container – as possible, with local-for-local manufacturing reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises.

…Or B2C?

More homes than ever feature a height-adjustable desk, so it’s time to give the people what they want: a product with premium technology that can be put together in minutes. Think it’s easier said than done? When you choose the OPTIMUS Program, you’ll love our pre-assembled B2C shipping option: built to ensure maximum simplicity for end customers without eating your time.

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For more information download the OPTIMUS – Dual Stage EU DCDinline Datasheet.

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