Made to measure for your business.

With the OPTIMUS Program, quantity also means quality. Our mechatronic components feature brushless motor technology, anti-collision protection, constant speed and ultra-quiet operation. They’re dressed to impress too: OEMs can choose from various options for color and shape, all in LOGICDATA’s legendary minimalistic design. It’s  modularity, design and performance at the highest level.


Your table. Your choice. The OPTIMUS Program compatible frame parts give OEMs the opportunity to define the perfect adjustable for their range. Available in 3-leg and 2-leg variants (thick-end up/down), this unique product line means endless options for customization. Choose the perfect LOGICleg design and foot style, in standard or custom colors. Choose the perfect hand control. Get width-adjustability

Shape your destiny. Nothing says style like the unique blend of classic and modern column designs in the LOGICleg range. Choose from four unique shapes for your OPTIMUS Program, including our exclusive rounded-edge design, to make each table you make a shining example of aesthetic perfection.


Push the button. User satisfaction begins with the moment the button is pressed – so why settle for standard? With the OPTIMUS Program, you can choose from any compatible LOGICDATA hand switch to make your system the absolute best it can be. Better yet, with our extensive visual customization options for OEMs, you can ensure every table matches the unique style and character of your brand.


Frame Dimensions:

2-leg & 3-leg main frame

flexible width, 42.71″ – 70.86“ x 22.26“

3-leg added frame

41.33″ – 70.86“ x 22.63“

Travel range:

US Single-stage 21.1″ – 45.1“ | Dual-stage 21.5″ – 47.6″

EU Single-stage 26.1″ – 45.1″ | Dual-stage 24.5″ – 50.6″

Adjustment speed:

Regular (Single-stage) up to 1.77″/s | Regular (Dual-stage) up to 2.36″/s