DMDinline D

The power of simplicity.



Magnificent. The intelligent technology within the DYNAMIC MOTION system’s Actuators delivers a uniquely powerful, responsive driving experience without the need for external Control Boxes.

The DMDinline D’s Plug&Play compatibility concept facilitates total freedom in design for a vast range of dual-stage adjustable table systems, including benching and conference applications. With countless other features – including ultra-quiet brushless motor technology and an as-standard inbuilt collision sensor that dramatically reduces the risk of costly system damage – the DMDinline D plays and integral role in the creation of the intelligent height-adjustable solutions that the modern workplace desires.




Inline Actuator for dual-stage telescopic table legs

Integrated Control Unit – no need for external Control Boxes

Market-leading efficiency and responsiveness

Compatibility with bench and conference applications

Brushless motor technology

Simplified cable management system

Integrated collision sensor


Dynamic force: Up to 800 N per Actuator

Diameter: 40 mm / 1.57 ”

Installation length: 511 mm / 20.14 ”

Stroke: 662 mm / 26.04 ”

Constant speed: 38 mm/s / 1.50 ”/s (until full load)

Inline Actuator for dual-stage telescopic table legs

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For more information download the DMDinline D datasheet.

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For more information download the DMDinline D user guide:


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