It Starts and Ends in Bed.

Every product in the COSMO Line embodies the epic quality that makes us leaders in adjustable technology: no protruding parts, space for storage, and much more. With endless flexibility, unrivalled stability, and cutting-edge technology – delivered in the industry’s smallest packaging with no oversize charges – each adjustable bed base represents a breakthrough in ergonomic design. With stylish, off-the-shelf products, alongside unlimited customization options for full frames and mechatronic components, we make sure that all your bases are covered.

COSMO Sydney

The minimalistic COSMO Sydney is neat, compact and clever: the only adjustable to fit in all sizes into a single UPS/FedEx package with no oversize charges. This compactness provides the flexibility that young, urban households desire: once assembled, the low-profile design makes moving the bed – from room to room or to whole new living spaces – incredibly simple, a vital feature for homes that continually adjust. With single-person assembly in just a few minutes, it’s never been easier to bring motion to your life.

COSMO Vienna

The full-featured, flagship product of the COSMO Line provides distinctive style, poise, and comfort to the collection: an irreplicable elegance that fits perfectly into every day. The frame‘s multi-setting massage function enhances comfort and guarantees satisfaction, but it doesn‘t stop there. The COSMO Vienna also features nightstand reach functionality – the only compact and shippable adjustable on the market to do so – thus ensuring exceptional functionality and ultimate convenience for consumers.

COSMO Austin

Everything’s bigger in Texas, which is why we’ve designed the COSMO Austin to cope with all the heavy lifting imaginable: its 900 lbs weight limit means you can sleep easy. It packs a great punch in terms of power – the perfect fit for households that prioritize comfort and peace of mind. With its increased weight limit the COSMO Austin caters precisely to a heightened desire for convenience while enhancing the minimalist aestethic of the COSMO Sydney