The SILVER Series  – Adjustable to Your Business!

The SILVER Series by LOGICDATA is a range of adjustable bases that embodies our commitment to the creation of revolutionary bedroom products. With endless flexibility, unrivalled stability, and cutting-edge functionality – delivered in the industry’s smallest packaging with no oversize charges – each bed in the Series represents a breakthrough in adjustable furniture design. If beds are your business, LOGICDATA is here for you: the ever-growing SILVER Series has products to suit retailers of all sizes, both online and on Main Street. Join us. We’re truly one of a kind.

The SILVERstandard

The New Standard for Adjustables.

We lead. Others follow. The magnificent SILVERstandard – the first product in the SILVER Series by LOGICDATA – is the adjustable base by which all others are judged. With an extensive range of features combined with a unique packaging and distribution system, the SILVERstandard is the perfect partner for omni-channel commerce: tried, tested, and loved by online and brick-and-mortar retailers across the world. Let’s raise the standard together.

The SILVERlite

The Best Things Come in Small Packages.

When it comes to e-commerce, we know that size matters. The good news is: we’ve got the smallest. UPS/FedEx-shippable in a single box, the SILVERlite is the ultimate solution for online retailers who value the space in their warehouses and the dollars in their pockets. Fully customizable to the unique style of your brand, this beautifully simple adjustable is the made-to-measure solution that e-commerce demands today. Come and find out why less is…