DMItouch I

On the level.



On the level. Unlock the unrivalled power of the DYNAMIC MOTION system with our classic, sleek inlay design: courtesy of the DMItouch I. This epic device provides highly-responsive adjustment to get your table exactly where you want it from a comfortable position on the table top. Meanwhile, a crystal-clear display panel and the possibility to store up to 2 Memory Positions mean full system control is always at your fingertips.

With screwless assembly and compatibility with the entire DYNAMIC MOTION system, we’ve added even more options to the market’s leading adjustable desk system. It’s innovation you can TOUCH.



Fully-customizable Hand Control

2 memory positions

Screwless fixing with rubber ribs

Lay-flat mounting into the table top

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DMPhub S
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For more information download the DMItouch I datasheet.

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For more information download the DMItouch user manual.

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