DMItouch M

Infinite Flexibility.



Subtle. The DMItouch M inlay is a fully-customizable Hand Switch that provides simple and effective up/down movement control. Its compatibility with the entire DYNAMIC MOTION system means that it is ready to be used alongside the market’s leading mechatronic technology.

The product’s sleek, inlay design enables screwless installation and lay-flat mounting, simplifying manufacturing and transportation processes. The DMItouch M provides countless benefits for users: a low-profile appearance with large, comfortable buttons, an LED-Signal to convey essential system information, and a highly responsive user experience complete a remarkable addition to any work environment.



Fully-customizable Hand Switch

Responsive Up / Down function

LED-Signal for system information

Screwless fixing with rubber ribs

Lay-flat mounting into the table top

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More Information


For more information download the DMItouch M datasheet.

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For more information download the DMItouch user manual.

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