LOGICflex - Frame Your Imagination

The LOGICflex family is a collection of high-performance adjustables for the office, and home office, powered by outstanding DYNAMIC MOTION technology by LOGICDATA.
Our clever range of fixed-width and adjustable-width frames provides countless options to suit whatever surface design you have in mind.

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, every LOGICflex frame slots effortlessly into your new working environment.



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The perfect technology.

The motion technology that drives the LOGICflex family guarantees a smooth, powerful adjustable experience. With brushless motors and integrated collision sensors in each column, we guarantee quiet motion with ultimate system protection.

The perfect package.

Each LOGICflex frame is an online retailer’s dream. With special e-commerce features, such as compact packaging, a drop-shipping service and ultra-simple assembly, we ensure that selling the LOGICflex online is just as easy as buying it.

The perfect ensemble.

Our outstanding designs bring a subtle, casual, yet stylish look to the unrivaled power within. Choose from square, rectangular, round, or rounded-edge column designs in different colors to make your table your own. With no visible screws, open tubes or exposed mounting points.


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The lively jetsetter.

Our LOGICflex X combines a variety of prized assets from the whole family, including cutting-edge DYNAMIC MOTION and ISP technologies. Ultimate protection, performance and outstanding rounded edge design: delivered as standard.

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Quiet motor technology

The mechatronic systems that power the smooth, quiet movement of every LOGICflex frame are among the most futuristic and technologically-advanced ever fitted to a range of adjustable furniture.


All-round protection

Intelligent System Protection (ISP) is minimizing system damage. LOGICisp raises the standard through its use of actuator-integrated strain gauge sensors in each table leg, rather than a single, central sensor. The distributed model ensures greater sensitivity during vertical movement and can recognize collisions effectively.

Cost efficiency

The DYNAMIC MOTION system‘s simplified design means that fewer components are necessary for assembly and operation: maximum value with no compromises on performance, reliability, or safety.


E-commerce & drop-shipping

LOGICflex is a golden ticket for retailers everywhere to capitalize on the recent shift towards home working and the exponential growth of online retail. Our perfect package of easy shipping, simple assembly and premium stability guarantees customer satisfaction and means your next commercial success is just a few clicks away.

No screwing around

From start to finish in seven simple steps, LOGIGflex’s unpacking and assembly process couldn’t be smoother. Each frame is designed to be assembled in no time and with the absolute minimum of fuss. No extra tools needed! Our beautifully-designed user support materials – including a fully-interactive assembly guide – will also help smooth the transition.


Modern shapes

Every LOGICflex frame is designed to impress: a uniquely-crafted product that stands out from the crowd with no visible screws, open tubes or exposed mounting points. The one-of-a-kind column design brings a subtle, casual, yet stylish look to the unrivaled power within.

Color me impressed

Our three standard colors offer plenty of choice for the finishing style of your adjustable frame. However, with even more customization options available on request, you can easily ensure that your customers are satisfied with a product that speaks directly to their taste.

Silver | Black | White | Custom Color



Once you’ve told us exactly how your LOGICflex frame should look and behave, we’ll get to work creating an adjustable frame that meets your requirements to the letter. From new shapes, to custom sizes, to new designs for leg brackets and side profiles, our extensive in-house customization service means that we can always meet your needs.