We're more than a sum of our parts.

For over two decades, LOGICDATA has been a market-leading creator of outstanding mechatronic and electronic components for adjustable furniture. We’ve brought countless lives into motion worldwide as part of the best desk systems in the business. However, innovation is a journey that starts again every day: we work tirelessly to bring our customers the very best in powerful inline drives, intelligent control units, sleek hand controls and innovative accessories, both individually and as part of fully-integrated mechatronic systems.

Our extensive industry experience makes us fully aware of your requirements for quality, performance and style. Whether you’re developing a new product or optimizing an existing one, LOGICDATA components provide the power, precision and usability that ensures the desks you create are the best they can be. With rigorous testing standards and a keen eye for safety and reliability, we don’t just offer the missing pieces of the puzzle, but peace of mind as well.


DYNAMIC by name, dynamic by nature.

The DYNAMIC MOTION system by LOGICDATA represents a powerful leap forward into the future of height-adjustable workspaces, smashing through the boundaries of convention to the cutting edge of intelligent adjustable furniture design. DYNAMIC MOTION is not just a name: it is a philosophy that excites us, that inspires us, and that drives us to bring motion to your products with power and precision. The four key pillars of the DYNAMIC MOTION philosophy can be defined as follows:


It’s a state of mind.

It‘s what you don‘t see that makes the difference. The DYNAMIC MOTION system‘s intelligent Actuators simultaneously eliminate the need for external Control Boxes and dramatically increase responsiveness, empowering the system to deliver a driving experience like none other.


Freedom through flexibility.

From traditional 1-leg, 2-leg, and 3-leg table systems, to more expansive bench and conference table applications, the DYNAMIC MOTION system provides complete freedom of design – anytime, anywhere.


Beauty in simplicity.

Extraordinary made easy. With its Plug & Play connection concept, the DYNAMIC MOTION system ensures easy assembly and that costly assembly errors are avoided. Why do things the hard way?


Epic Quality. Outstanding Value.

The DYNAMIC MOTION system‘s simplified design means that fewer components are necessary for assembly and operation: maximum value with no compromises on performance, reliability, or safety.

All new DMDinline upgrade

The all-new DMDinline collection is a great leap forward in the development of high-performance inline drives. The result of over 10 years’ continuous mechatronic improvement, the range offers a unique proposition: a future-proof design that enables unlimited customization in installation and drive dynamic. Choose between different systems to create the system that’s perfect for you.

Dual-stage version in standard configuration up to 60mm/s

Dual-stage configuration
with speed up to 80mm/s

Single-stage version
with optimized efficiency

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See it. Feel it. Want it.


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You’re in control.

LOGICDATA’s superb range of energy-efficient Control Boxes are the beating hearts behind the finest DC-motor powered adjustable desk systems on the market today. Premium user experience, ergonomic excellence, and seamless compatibility combine to set your world in motion, whether you use LOGICDATA’s inline actuators or third-party solutions.
With a range of impressive features including high performance, low standby consumption, and unerring reliability, these magnificent products put you in full control.


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